Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds: Mercenaries

In Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds, players can function as mercenaries to participate in another Kingdom’s Kingdom Dungeon.

Gamers are invited to explore a persistent, fantasy world in this role-playing mobile game, Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds. Since the game is part of the popular Ni no Kuni series, you will likely experience likewise mechanics, content, and gameplay throughout this series.

Unlike its predecessors, Cross Worlds introduced a new multiplayer mode, so you can enjoy this game with friends. Players can partake in a variety of activities and events, but some will initially be locked. You will get access to all the activities as you progress in the game.

Some of these activities and events include that you complete quests, join a Kingdom, become a mercenary, summon Familiars, and improve your character’s skills, among other things.


Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds, similarly to other role-playing titles, features a guild system known as Kingdoms. Players have the opportunity to join or create a Kingdom once they have reached a specific level in the game. You also have to complete the side quest, called Kingdom, to unlock and gain access to the guild menu.

In addition to being a platform for players to gather, Kingdoms also give their members the opportunity to enjoy unique gaming modes. Hence, you can partake in Relic Wars, Kingdom Invasion, and Kingdom Defence, amongst other activities. It is important to note that every gaming mode has a specific task that has to be completed to be rewarded.

Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds: Mercenaries

Kingdoms can only have a certain number of members, which is determined by their ranks and levels. This ultimately means that the higher your Kingdom’s level is, the more members it can have.

Netmarble, the game’s developer, recently introduced a new activity in the game called Kingdom Dungeon, which you can only enjoy if you are part of a Kingdom. You should bear in mind that your Kingdom has to at least be on level 3 before it can access the Kingdom Dungeon.

Kingdom members who are willing to participate in the feature first have to complete the Reputation quest, Nameless Kingdom: Forgotten Ancient Shrine. Though some quests can be completed by a party, you have to complete the Kingdom quest individually.

A Kingdom Dungeon has a player capacity of 50 members, which means that up to 50 members of your Kingdom can clear the same Dungeon. This can make the Kingdom Dungeon extremely difficult to clear for smaller Kingdoms that do not have 50 members.

Fortunately, Netmarble added the Mercenaries feature to Ni no Kuni, which allows players to join your Kingdom’s Kingdom Dungeon without having to join the Kingdom. Your Kingdom’s Steward and Lord can thus recruit outside players to help your Kingdom clear your Kingdom’s Dungeon.

Even if they are not physically part of your guild, the mercenaries still get all the rewards from the Kingdom Dungeon upon completion.

How to become a mercenary

Any player that has unlocked the Kingdom feature can become a mercenary by going to the Recruitment tab where you can find Kingdom Lords and Stewarts asking for players that are willing to join a Kingdom Dungeon.

You can then volunteer to become a mercenary and get invited to the Kingdom Dungeon. If you have completed the Kingdom Dungeon successfully, you will earn rewards.

Kingdom Dungeon rewards

It is crucial to remember that you will get fewer rewards than Kingdom members if you participate in a Kingdom Dungeon as a mercenary.

Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds: Mercenaries
© Netmarble

The rewards you can receive from a Kingdom Dungeon are outlined in the table below:

Member rewards Mercenary rewards
· 30 Gliders

· 30 000 coins

· 2 Treant’s Poppet

· Chest

· 15 Gliders

· 15 000 coins



Even though the rewards for mercenaries are not as rewarding, it is advisable that you participate in a Kingdom Dungeon as a mercenary. This is because it is considered the best way to farm Gliders, which can be used to purchase desirable products in the game.

Does completing the Kingdom Dungeon as a mercenary count towards the daily quests?

During the Kingdom Mission Event, players have to complete specific tasks to earn a variety of rewards. On the second day of the event, you have to clear a Kingdom Mission to get a 2-star Toy Chest.

It is worth noting that you can complete this task as a mercenary for another Kingdom, which essentially means that you can still earn the participation reward, even if you are not part of a Kingdom.

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