Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds: Exp farming

Low level players of Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds should focus on completing the main storyline to farm experience, while higher level players can farm the Chaos Fields.

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is an exciting mobile game that combines exploration and role-playing elements with combat features. As the game’s name suggests, it is part of the classic Ni no Kuni franchise, and as such, you can experience similar mechanics and content throughout this mobile version.

The game gives players the opportunity to enjoy a multiplayer gaming mode, whereas its predecessors are single player gaming. The game follows the narrative of a beta tester for a fictional virtual reality game called Soul Diver. It transports players into the world of Ni no Kuni, where they can participate in numerous activities and events.

You can choose between 5-character classes, each of which have unique talents and abilities. Players can progress in the game by gaining experience points, which they can earn by completing quests.

Character classes

Players get the opportunity to play with all 5 classes on the same account, so it does not matter which class they select initially. Each character possesses unique skills and talents, which they can use during battles. Below each class is highlighted:

Class Description
Destroyer They are tough warriors that can strike their enemies with giant hammers. Destroyers are merciless to enemies, but very dependable friends to teammates.
Witch Witches are magical perfectionists with a clever flying spear and nimble feet. They can allegedly adapt to any situation thanks to their various skills.
Engineer This character is seen as a weapons expert who can wield numerous firearms, and she is an immensely helpful ally as she can heal her allies on the battlefield.
Rogue The Rogue is a ranged damage-dealer who confuses his enemies with rapid movements and volleys of arrows.
Swordsman He can deal rapid attacks with his one-handed sword and his astonishing bladework demoralises his enemies.

Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds: Exp farming

Your character has to gain experience points to reach new levels, as previously mentioned. The higher your character’s level is, the stronger they are. Players thus choose to ‘farm’ experience points so that their character can become as strong as possible, as quickly as possible.

The easiest way to gain experience is to participate in the main campaign of the game, which is, essentially, the main storyline. However, you should also complete the reputation quests as soon as they become available.

It is advised that you follow the storyline until your characters have reached level 30, as you do not need to farm a lot of experience during the early stages of the game.

From level 30 to level 35, you can focus on completing your achievements and completing quests, as this gives your account power boosts. Your main source of experience for level 38 and below is thus the main storyline, reputation quests, and reaching achievements.

These sources allegedly disappear once you reach level 38, which means that it will become more difficult to gain experience points. Players who are on level 38 or higher have 3 ways that they can use to gain experience points.

You can pick up daily quests from a non-player character called Bert. Not only do these quests give experience, but also incredible rewards. Alternatively, you can purchase experience items from Iri, who resides in your kingdom.

You can purchase experience items up to 5 times a day, and they can serve as beneficial experience boosters. Players can also defeat monsters in the Chaos Fields to gain more experience points.

What are Chaos Fields?

The Chaos Fields is one of many trials the game offers players. However, it can only be accessed once you have reached level 25. You can get to the Chaos Fields by clicking on the icon in the upper right corner and selecting the challenge icon.

Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds: Exp farming
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This trial is intended for players of intermediate level or above. Once you have successfully cleared it, you will get desirable loot. Players can view the contents of the reward on the challenge panel by selecting the hall icon.

In order to pass the trial, you have to kill varying types of enemies, and their strength depends on the floor and the type of Chaos Field.

Can you farm experience with the auto-battle feature?

The game allows players to enable the auto-battle feature, which, essentially, means that all battles occur automatically. It is recommended that you activate this feature while farming experience, as this saves a lot of time. Alternatively, you can enable the AI mode, which allows you to close the app while your character is farming experience.

What are the best areas to farm?

There are several great areas to farm in every zone of the game, which can be checked by opening the mini-map and then selecting the monsters tab. This gives you a full list of enemies in every zone, however, you can only see the obtainable items when you press and hold on a monster’s profile.

The best places to farm experience in the open world are the ones that offer vintage and prototype chests. This way, you not only gain experience, but also amazing rewards.

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