Ni No Kuni Cross Words: AI mode

The AI mode in Ni No Kuni: Cross Words allows players to farm gear and defeat monsters even if their device is switched off.

Ni No Kuni: Cross Words follows the story of a beta bester of a fantasy virtual reality game called Soul Diver. It transfers you into the world of Ni No Kuni, where you will meet an artificial intelligence (AI) character named Rania, however, the game soon crashes. Players awaken in a burning city with the quest of saving the Queen.

Though your main objective is to save the Queen, you can still participate in numerous activities and gaming modes. You first have to complete the tutorial mission to understand the game’s mechanics and systems. Once the tutorial is completed, you can explore the world and complete quests to earn rewards.

Different gaming modes

Players can enjoy a variety of gaming modes, including story mode, away-from-keyboard (AFK) mode, and player versus player mode.

In the story mode, you have to complete several main quests to receive incredible rewards, but you can also complete side quests to gain experience and Character Power. Keep in mind that you do not have to complete the side quests and they have no influence on your gameplay.

AFK mode helps players with their farming by reducing battery-consumption. To participate in the player versus player mode, you have to be part of a Kingdom, which is essentially a guild.

Ni No Kuni Cross Words: AI mode

As previously mentioned, players can enjoy various gaming modes, one of which is the AI mode. This mode can be accessed by clicking escape or by clicking on the options menu before selecting the “Unplugged Cord’ option.

Ni No Kuni Cross Words: AI mode
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AI mode is an enhanced auto battle mode that allows players to quit the game completely on their personal computer (PC) or mobile device while leaving their account and character online in the game. Your character continues to defeat monsters and grind even if you have closed the application.

It is basically a device and power-saving mode that lets players advance in the game while they are busy elsewhere in the real world. That being said, you can only benefit from this mode for 4 hours, as your character logs off once this time period has passed.

Players can purchase the daily adventure pack to get various rewards, including an additional 6 hours of AI mode. This means that you can benefit from this mode for up to 10 hours daily, though purchasing an adventure pack is not mandatory.

There is allegedly almost no difference between using the auto battle feature and the AI mode. However, the latter allows you to exit the game, which can be quite beneficial to use right before you go to sleep.

You can even create a party with friends or guild members to receive the party bonuses and benefits in the AI mode. This mode also works with basically anything that can influence your normal gameplay.

Common AI mode mistake

Though the AI mode seems perfect, there is one mistake that players can make in this mode, and that is not setting up the auto mode properly. If your auto battle mode is set up incorrectly, or you disable some abilities from automatic usage, your AI mode uses those settings too.

This means that players have to ensure that their auto battle mode is set to 100 per cent, while all their skills and Familiars are enabled as automatic. If not, your AI mode will not use them, which is not very efficient for your gameplay.

Do you need a stable internet connection to use AI mode?

Players allegedly do not need a stable internet or mobile connection when they are using the AI mode, but they need a stable connection to commence this mode. Once this mode has been enabled, you can disconnect from your internet connection, exit the application and even turn off your device.

Your character and Familiars continue to grind even when your device is switched off. As stated before, this mode only remains active for 4 hours, except when you have purchased the adventure pack.

How to activate AI mode

Players must activate the automatic battle feature before starting the AI mode. In order to activate the AI mode, you need to click on the menu button, which is on the upper right corner of the game screen. You will then see an icon at the bottom of the screen that looks like a charging cable.

When you activate the AI mode, the game automatically closes after a few seconds. It is noteworthy that you have to complete the Forgotten Ancient City quest to gain access to this feature.

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