MW2: Endless Black

Endless Black is a new Gun Screen that players can acquire from the free version of the Call of Duty: MW2 Battle Pass.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II (MW2) is a first-person shooter video game that drops gamers into an unprecedented global battle which features the return of the iconic operators of Task Force 141. Like its predecessors, MW2 is set in a realistic and contemporary world.

Gamers are tasked with tracking down the Iranian Quds Force terrorist and major, Hassan Zyani. In addition to enjoying the main story arc, you can participate in an array of gaming modes with players across the globe.

MW2 also has numerous items to collect, including weapon skins, operator skins, gun screens, gear, and various currencies, amongst other things. One of the gun screens that you can collect is Endless Black, which is part of the Battle Pass.

Battle Pass in MW2

MW2’s highly-anticipated season 1 has been released, and it comes with a new Battle Pass that contains several rewards. The Battle Pass introduces new features that have not been seen before in the Call of Duty series.

Similarly to other Battle Passes, there is a free and premium version of the MW2 Battle Pass. The free version has 20 unlockable rewards, and the paid version features 85 rewards.

Even though the premium version costs approximately 1 100 COD Points, it offers players exclusive rewards. Players who purchase the premium version can get the new operator, Zeus, among other things.

MW2: Endless Black

Unlike other Battle Passes, the MW2 Battle Pass takes the form of a combat map with multiple escorts. Each sector has 5 unique rewards, including 1 High-Value Target (HVT).

Unlocking a specific sector will unlock adjacent sectors, and players can then choose the reward path that they want to take through the pass.

Bear in mind that not all sectors are created equally, so you should carefully consider which sectors you want to unlock.

One of the sectors that you can unlock is A5, and it offers you 2 weapons, namely the Basilisk handgun and the EBR-14 marksman rifle. You can also get the hired sniper calling card and the Endless Black gun screen.

Gun Screens are a new type of cosmetic in MW2 that players can equip on weapons in the gun customisation menu. These cosmetics have a little digital screen that plays small animations, which is attached to the side of your weapon.

Some Gun Screens can track your kills. In other words, every kill that you earn with the weapon will be displayed on the little screen. This is a nice feature for players who want to track their overall progress with a weapon.

In addition to Endless Black, you can acquire 4 other Gun Screens, namely Hell of a Timepiece, Time is Money, Listless, and Chronophobia.

Is Endless Black part of the free or paid version of the Battle Pass?

As previously mentioned, there is a paid and a free version of the MW2 Battle Pass. Fortunately, the Endless Black Gun Screen in MW2 is part of the free version of the Battle Pass.

In other words, all MW2 players can get it if they select the correct sector of the Battle Pass.

Additional free rewards

There are 20 rewards in the free version of the MW2 Battle Pass. This essentially means that you will claim 1 reward from each Battle Pass sector.

The table below lists the additional rewards that you can acquire from the free version:

Sector Reward
A1 Paying rent weapon charm
A2 Let’s Ride War rack
A3 100 CP
A4 Damysus – Weapon BP
A5 Endless Black
A6 BAS-P Submachine
A7 Victus XMR – Sniper Rifle
A8 Down the Barrel loading screen
A9 Double experience point token
A10 Offsite Vehicle Skin
A11 Vigilant Weapon BP
A12 Double experience point token
A13 Double Weapon experience token
A14 Homefront War Track
A15 Basileus Weapon BP
A16 Chiron Weapon BO
A17 100 CP
A18 Closer BP
A19 100 CP
A20 Dark Horse Vehicle Skin
MW2: Endless Black
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Is it mandatory to purchase the paid version of the Battle Pass?

It is not mandatory to purchase the paid version of the Battle Pass. This is because it can only be acquired with real life money. However, if you are interested in the exclusive rewards, you can purchase the paid version of the game.

How to open sectors

As previously stated, the Battle Pass is no longer linear, which means that rewards are not only unlocked by gaining experience points.

Instead, players have to acquire Battle Tokens to unlock rewards. There are various ways to gain battle tokens, but the most basic way is by gaining experience.

However, Battle Token experience points are earned at a fraction of the experience points that you earn in MW2. This means that you have to grind the game to earn tokens.

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