MW2: DMZ Key Locations

There are numerous keys in the DMZ mode of Call of Duty: MW2, all of which spawn in random locations.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II (MW2) is a well-renowned first person shooter game, and it functions as the sequel to the 2019 reboot of the game. Similar to its predecessor, MW2 is set in a realistic and modern setting.

The main story follows British special forces and Mexican special forces as they attempt to track down Iranian Quds Force major and terrorist, Hassan Zyani.

There are several game modes in MW2, one of which is DMZ. While playing this mode, you can find keys in random locations.

What is DMZ?

Similarly to previous Call of Duty instalments, players can enjoy battle royale solos, duos, trios, and quads in MW2. However, MW2 introduces a brand-new game mode called DMZ.

It is an open world, narrative-focused extraction mode where operator squads have free rein. The objective of this mode is to complete faction-based missions, to take on additional side objectives, and to engage with enemies.

Players can also discover valuable items while they are fighting to survive toward escape.

MW2: DMZ Key Locations

There are many multi-use keys that you can discover in the DMZ game mode. However, most of the keys require some challenge to acquire, and the locations that these keys unlock are almost always guarded.

Gamers can randomly obtain keys by defeating enemies, or they can find them inside lockers and drawers. However, finding keys this way is not productive. Fortunately, there are 2 methods that you can use to ensure that you will get a key.

You can accept a high-value target contract by going to a location that is marked on the map with a green pentagon and target scope. After accepting the contract, your map will be marked with the location at which you can find the target.

Bear in mind that the target’s exact location is not revealed, which means that the target is within the vicinity of the mark. Once you eliminate the target, you will receive a cash reward for completing the contract.

The target will always drop a DMZ key. Alternatively, you can purchase a post office key from the Buy Stations shop. Once you have it , you can find a post office before looting all the mailboxes. The chance of getting a DMZ from one of the mailboxes is relatively high.

Players can also purchase a key from the Buy Station, however, the keys are not available for purchase. If the key is there, you will spend approximately 5000 of the in-game currency to acquire it.

Where to use the DMZ key

Although the DMZ keys are found randomly, the locations that you can open with the keys are permanent. This means that you can go to the same location every time to get valuable items, as long as you have a key in your inventory.

There are numerous locations where you can use your keys:

Sector Loot
North West Sector
  • Taraq River Supply Shack Key: you will receive 1 Random weapon and 12 400 cash
  • Kushaak Warehouse Key: Players will get a Sal’d Mall Security Room key, a random weapon, and 3500 cash
North East Sector
  • Mawizeh Cell Shop Key: You will get a random weapon, a gold bar, 2000 cash, and a cluster mine killstreak
  • Editorial Department Key: Players can acquire 5000 cash, 2 random weapons, and 2 hard drives
West Sector
  • Sal’d Top Floor Apartment key: You will receive Lockwood 3000, an Origami Horse, 3500 cash, and a large backpack
South West Sector
  • Power Substation Toolbox Key: MW2 players can loot an encrypted hard drive, 5000 cash, and an old lighthouse citadel room key

How to infiltrate a Stronghold

After acquiring a DMZ key, you can visit a nearby Stronghold and prepare for a fight. These battles are quite difficult, as each location is packed with artificial intelligence enemies. It is thus advisable that you prepare with good gear, plenty of ammo, and stuns or flashes.

These Strongholds are difficult to clear, as enemies often have heavy armour and powerful weapons of their own, which makes them difficult to kill.

As you clear out each room, you must be on the lookout for gear and for the White Lotus Intel Item, which is tied to one of the DMZ missions.

Keep in mind that this item will drop from an enemy, but since it is random, you have to ensure that you loot each body as you defeat them.

How many keys are in the DMZ?

At the moment of writing, it is unclear how many keys there are in total, which means that there may still be some keys that have not been found or locations for which the keys have not yet been established.

It is noteworthy, however, that keys can be used repeatedly. A brand new key can allegedly be used up to 4 times.

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