MW2: Anonymous Skin

The Anonymous Skin in Call of Duty: MW2 is easy to acquire, but it may take you some time to unlock.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) drops players into an unprecedented global dispute that features the return of the iconic operators of Task Force 141. This first-person shooter game is set in a realistic and modern setting.

Gamers have to track down the Iranian Quds Force major and terrorist, Hassan Zyani. In addition to completing the main story arc, you can enjoy game modes, including Knock Out, DMZ, and a new Prisoner Rescue mode, amongst other things.

Players can choose their operator in MW2, and they can customise their character’s appearance by collecting and equipping skins. One of the skins that you can collect is Anonymous Konig, however, you first have to complete a mission in the DMZ mode.

DMZ mode

Similarly to its predecessors, MW2 contains multiple gaming modes, but it also introduced a new gaming mode called DMZ that you can enjoy.

In DMZ, the pace and goals are quite different, despite the fact that it takes place on the same map as Warzone’s Battle Royale mode. The goal of DMZ is to leave the mode with as many items as you can.

In order to do so, you can take on contracts, missions, and other activities to increase the amount of rewards you will get upon successful exfiltration.

In this mode, you will come across powerful artificial intelligence opponents and other players. Unlike Battle Royale, there is no closing circle in DMZ. However, you only have 25 minutes to procure as many items as possible.

MW2: Anonymous Skin

In MW2, players can unlock the mysterious KorTac Operator, Konig, and thanks to the DMZ mode, Konig gains a new, desert camo-looking skin – Anonymous. Although unlocking the skin is not difficult, it can take some time to acquire it.

MW2: Anonymous Skin
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In order to get the skin, you first have to complete the Legion Tier 2 faction mission, Frame Job, in DMZ. The table below outlines the objectives that are needed to clear the mission:

Objective How to complete
Purchase an LTV with a turret at a shop
  • You need 18 000 in-game currency, which can be acquired from looting caches or completing contracts
  • When you have the cash, you can go to the nearest buy station and open the gear tab, where you will be able to purchase the item
Use the LTV turret to kill 10 enemies in Ahkdar Village
  • You can find Ahkdar village between the Airport and Zaya Observatory
  • Killing bots with the turret also counts toward the objective
Destroy the LTV in Mawizeh Marsh
  • To complete this objective, you have to blow up your vehicle with guns and explosives

Once you have cleared the objectives, complete the Frame Job DMZ Faction Mission. As a reward, you will receive the Anonymous: Konig Operator Skin as well as 15 000 experience points.

How to unlock the Frame Job mission

The Frame Job is the final Tier 2 Legion Faction Mission in MW2, and you have to unlock it before you can complete it. To unlock the mission, you have to select and complete 5 of 6 base missions. The following table lists the easiest missions to complete:

Mission name Objectives
Data Collection
  • Extract 5 hard drives
  • Extract 4 thumb drives
  • Find and loot a computer
  • Capture a SAM Site
  • Wait for your captured SAM Site to shoot down an airplane
  • Loot a dropped supply drop
  • Defeat 6 vehicles
Buried Barrels
  • Players have to complete 1 secure radioactive material contract
  • Loot 4 items from the radioactive caches
Big Spender
  • You have to acquire 60 000 in cash
  • Players have to spend 60 000 at an in-game shop

How to unlock Operator Konig

To use the Anonymous skin, you first have to unlock Operator Konig. In order to unlock him, you have to execute a finishing move. It is not very difficult to acquire this Operator, and most players will unlock him without the purpose to do so.

How to equip a skin

Once you have unlocked Operator Konig, and have collected his skin, you will be able to equip it. To do this, you have to open the Operator menu, which you can find in the main menu of the game.

Here you can select “Operator Konig,” and then select the Anonymous Skin. The same method can be used to change skins on your other Operators.

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