MSF: Young Avengers counter

Weapon X is considered the most justified counter for the Young Avengers team in MSF, however, you need to have Dark Hunters.

In Marvel Strike Force (MSF), you can step into the well-renowned Marvel Universe to protect it from dreadful foes.

You can collect numerous characters in the game, including the Young Avengers. However, many players have wondered what the perfect counter is for the Young Avengers.

Who are the Young Avengers?

The Young Avengers is a squad in MSF that consists of several characters. The team comprises America Chavez, Echo, Kate Bishop, Ms. Marvel, Spider-Man (Miles), and Squirrel Girl. Each member has unique skills that can be used to defeat enemies.

The following table describes each character as follows:

Character name Description
America Chavez She hits hard enough to punch through reality itself. She allegedly becomes more powerful with Hero Brawler allies.
Echo Maya Lopez was born deaf, but she has the ability to mimic the movements of others. She used this power to become the warrior called Echo.
Kate Bishop Stubborn and a bit reckless, Kate Bishop is the perfect leader for the Young Avengers.
Squirrel Girl Squirrel Girl uses her unbeatable squirrel powers to eat nuts and defeat enemies.
Ms. Marvel She is a plucky Super Hero Brawler who assists and generates ability energy for her allies.
Spider-Man Miles Morales controls the field with web blasts and electrical shocks.
MSF: Young Avengers Infographic

MSF: Young Avengers counter

Many MSF players want to know what the perfect counter is for the Young Avengers. In Alliance War, Weapon X is the most justified counter for them, but in this case, you need to use Dark Hunters to heal with H4H.

The tactic is fairly easy to understand as players simply have to initiate the fight with Abi Block on Squirrel Girl while putting the rest of the focus on Dormammu. If you have Skirmishers in your team, you can remove Dormammu’s buffs in the process.

Once Omega Red is ready to cast his ultimate skill, you can target Dormammu to kill him. When Dormammu is dead, you can shift your focus to Squirrel Girl. Thereafter, players should focus on Kate Bishop.

Allegedly, Darkhold with MLF passive level 6 can easily defeat a Dormammu and Young Avengers team. Although you have to keep Squirrel Girl controlled by Agatha’s Stun in the first turn while Scarlet Witch’s ultimate focus is on Dormammu.

By following this method, players can easily deal 100 000 damage to the enemy. If you use Dormhold, the damage can be significantly more if the strategy remains the same.

Moreover, Underworld is also a natural counter for Young Avengers. If they are boosted by Dormammu, the only thing you have to do is add Dormammu to the Underworld team.

Keep in mind that you can experiment with other characters to counter the Young Avengers to better align with your playstyle. However, the above mentioned counters are known to excel in the Alliance War.

What is the Alliance War?

The Alliance War allows players to flex their entire roster in an all-out assault on an opposing Alliance Helicarrier. You will earn rewards by defeating enemies, but this requires a well thought out strategy.

The objective of the activity is to outscore your opponents in a 24-hour battle by eliminating opposing forces and Helicarrier rooms. But it is noteworthy that you still have to defend your own Helicarrier to be successful in this gaming mode.

After winning the battle, players will get gold, war credits, and access to exclusive character shards.

How to join the Alliance War

It is important to keep in mind that the Alliance War only unlocks when you reach Commander level 45. However, the Alliance that you are part of needs to be level 20.

MSF players have to be active members of an Alliance for at least 24 hours before they can participate in the war.

If you qualify for the Alliance War, you can form a strategy with your Alliance members to defeat enemies.

Who is part of the Weapon X team?

Weapon X is considered the best counter for the Young Avengers. However, not all players know which members form part of the Weapon X team. The Weapon X team members can be described as follows:

Character Description
Lady Deathstrike She uses her cybernetics to slice at enemies while applying a Bleed effect
Omega Red Omega Red uses his Mutant Death Aura to apply a Trauma Status to enemies. This prevents their negative effects from being removed or flipped
Sabretooth He is a savage brute that shreds single targets.
Silver Samurai He channels energy through the Muramasa Blade, which, when charged, delivers a series of powerful strikes
Wolverine This mutant is armed with adamantium claws that ignore armour, but they also allow him to tear his enemies apart

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