MSF: War Counters

It is crucial that you have a counter team when you enter the Alliance War in MSF, as this increases your chances of winning the war.

Marvel Strike Force (MSF) is an exciting mobile game that allows players to indulge themselves in the fictional Marvel Universe. The world is currently under attack, so it is up to you to collect heroes and villains to vanquish horrific enemies.

One of the activities that you can enjoy in MSF is the Alliance War, and there are certain counters that you can use to be successful.

MSF: Alliance War

Alliance War is one of the numerous game modes in MSF. It matches Alliances against one another.

Players that are part of an Alliance have 24 hours to use their roster of usable characters to defend their base from enemy attacks, and they also have to attack their opponents to score points and gain resources.

The Alliance with the most points when the timer runs out wins the War. If the score is tied, the match will be a draw and both Alliances will receive the Defeat rewards.

However, if both Alliances destroy each other’s Helicarriers, whoever destroyed it first will win the War. You will receive your rewards in your inbox when the War ends.

MSF: War Counters

When entering the Alliance War, you need to choose your teams carefully, as you need to defend your base from other players. However, you also need to select teams that can do a lot of damage when attacking other players.

There are several War Counters that you can use during the Alliance War, some of which are:

Team Counter
Young Avengers One of the teams that are fully equipped to deal with them is Darkhold, but you can also use the Undying and Unlimited X-Men as counter teams.
Web Warriors Kestrel is a nightmare for Web Warriors. You can use her in X-Factor or Secret Avenger teams. The counter for this team must rely on Dodge and therefore, we recommend that you use Bionic Avengers.
Weapon X The best counter for Weapon X is Gamma, however, the Tangled Web trio with the Undying duo can also be used.
Wakandan Infinity Watch can beat Wakanda on pure strength, though the Bionic Avengers can also serve as a counter.
Unlimited X-Men This team is extremely vulnerable to the Undying duo. Furthermore, you can use War Dogs, but the only thing you need to do is use Nakia’s special on Rogue, and focus the initial burst on her. She will then be disrupted, which means she will not enter stealth mode.
Underworld Gamma is the best team, though you need to build up its members. If you can survive their initial burst and use Ultimate with Red Hulk, victory is yours.
Symbiotes You can use Web Warriors or the Brotherhood team as a counter for Symbiotes.

How to unlock Alliance War

It is noteworthy that you will not initially have access to the Alliance War. This game mode only unlocks when you reach commander level 45 and Alliance level 20.

Keep in mind that you need to be an active member of an Alliance for 24 hours before you can participate in the Alliance War.

Once you are part of an Alliance for more than 24 hours, you can coordinate with members of your Alliance to participate in the Alliance War.

How to counter Gamma

The Gamma team is extremely powerful in MSF and therefore, it can be difficult to counter. The only viable counter for a Gamma team is a mirror match.

In theory, you can afford a certain slight punch-up, but even if you are much stronger than the enemy, nothing guarantees success.

Success is determined by the random-number-generator and whose Stunners will be effective first. However, for as long as you keep Brawn and She-Hulk stunned, while attacking Red-Hulk, you have a big chance of winning the battle.

That being said, Dormhold can defeat Gamma in the right circumstances. Their strength must be significantly more as they do not have a way to control Gamma in ways that they control other teams. Unfortunately, their abilities are nothing compared to Gamma’s.

Why are counters important?

It is crucial that you have counters available during the Alliance War. If you do not have the correct counter team available, your opponent will defeat your characters very quickly and score many points. The chances of them winning the Alliance War is fairly big.

However, if you have a counter team available, there is a chance that you could defeat the opponent. Players should always ensure that they have counter teams available to increase their chances of winning the Alliance War.

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