MSF: Viral Vision

The Viral Vision Milestone in MSF has caused some confusion, as it cannot be found in the game, instead, it can be found on the website.

You can enjoy exhilarating role-playing elements in this exciting video game, Marvel Strike Force (MSF).

Since the game is based on the popular comic and movie franchise, Marvel, the chances are high that you will experience similar characters, missions, and regions in the game as seen in the movies.

There are many activities that you can enjoy in MSF, but you first have to complete the introductory missions to understand the game’s mechanics. Once these are completed, you can progress in the main story and participate in occasional in-game events.

During The First Panther Event, you can procure Plaguemonger Orbs from the Viral Vision Web Milestone.

Events in MSF

An in-game event invites players to encounter MSF in a new and compelling way for a limited timeframe. In order to be successful in an event, you have to complete a series of tasks, missions, and objectives to gain rewards.

The items that you get in an event can sometimes only be acquired from the specific event. Players should thus try their best to participate in every in-game event, though this is not always possible.

Events occasionally have themes that correspond to real-life events, or in MSF’s case, their themes correspond to events that occurred in a Marvel comic book or movie.

MSF: Viral Vision

The First Panther event invites players to travel between the Stone age and the Information age for an entire month. This historic event comprises 4 main milestone events, 4 Quick Rumble Milestones, and 22 Alliance Milestones.

Players can make progress in these 10 events to earn points toward The First Panther, which is your chance to recruit Black Panther.

It is unknown whether the character will be removed from the game once the event concludes or not. Therefore, you should participate in the event to procure the new character.

Another one of the events is Contagion Corps, and it began on Monday, 7 November 2022. For this event, you have to earn Plaguemonger Orbs from selected Campaign nodes and the Viral Vision Milestone. The orbs can be opened to receive rewards.

The Viral Vision Milestone has caused a lot of confusion, as players are unable to find it in MSF. You will not be able to find it within the game as it is a web milestone. Therefore, you have to log into your MSF account on the official website to find the Milestone.

If you do not have an account, you can create one in the game. To do so, select the settings icon, which you can find in the upper right corner of the game’s menu.

You will then be able to link your account to a Facebook profile, or create a Scopely account. Once you have an account, you can open the official MSF and log into your account.

Players can click on the “Milestones” tab, where they can find all the active Milestones for MSF. One of the Milestones that you can select in the list is Viral Vision.

What rewards can you get from the Plaguemonger Orbs?

There are selected Campaign nodes that reward you with Plaguemonger Orbs and progressing in the Viral Vision Milestone will also award you with orbs. Players have to open these orbs to get their rewards.

The orbs include character shards for Darkhold, Web-Warrior, and Dark Hunter characters. You can also acquire Gold, gear, and training modules, which can influence your gameplay significantly.

How to progress in the Viral Vision Milestone

On the official website, you will notice that the Viral Vision Milestone has several sub-categories that range from Milestone 1 to Milestone 10. For each Milestone, you have to earn a specific number of points.

For instance, Milestone 8 requires 4200 points in order for you to earn rewards, while Milestone 10 requires 6 600 points.

Once you have completed a Milestone, you will be able to claim your rewards on the website. You will then receive the items in MSF.

How to acquire points

In order to progress in the Viral Vision Milestones, you have to accumulate a specific number of points.

You can earn a huge quantity of points by collecting certain items in an event. You can also acquire Vibranium Meteorites, Panther Pelts, Ancient Claw Necklaces, Razor-Sharp Claws, and Heart-Shaped Herbs.

The quicker you procure these items, the quicker you will earn points and climb the leaderboard. This also means that you will receive your Milestone rewards sooner.

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