MSF: Ultron update

MSF recently updated Ultron’s skills and statistics, as Ultron is one of the members of the Masters of Evil team.

You can enjoy exhilarating role-playing in Marvel Strike Force (MSF). Since the game is based on the classic Marvel comics, you will likely encounter similar superheroes and supervillains in the game.

One of the characters that you can acquire is Ultron, who recently underwent an update.

Why do characters get updates?

MSF occasionally removes or adds characters to the game. Moreover, they also perform updates on characters that are already in the game. The game’s developer, Scopely, updates a character to change his or her abilities and appearance.

Sometimes an ability update is required for the character’s function. Scopely will either increase or decrease the character’s efficiency through an update, and an appearance update is seemingly done to fit the theme of the character better.

Although sometimes an update is  done to decrease a character’s abilities, this is to ensure that the character does not become overpowered. On the other hand, a character’s abilities can be improved if he or she is under-performing.

MSF: Ultron update

One of the recent game updates made changes to various MSF characters, one of which is Ultron. The character received some statistical changes, like:

Statistic Changes
Resistance Increased by 10 percent
Focus Increased by 50 percent
Health Increased by 30 percent
Armour Increased by 20 percent
Damage Increased by 10 percent

In addition to statistical changes, Ultron’s skills were also updated. The old and new descriptions of each of his skills are as follows:

Skill Old version New version
Disintegration Beam Attack primary target for 340 percent. It also copies and clears 2 positive effects while it clears taunt on self The skill now clears taunt on the primary target and self
Factory Update Summons 3 Ultron Minions at 340 percent normal damage and 100 percent of normal damage. It also applies the Defense Up effect on self and all Ultron Minion allies for 2 turns It  now applies the Defense Up effect to all Master of Evil allies for 2 turns
Purge System This skill deals 700 percent piercing damage to the primary target. However, it deals double damage to targets with Defense Up effects. Moreover, the hero gains 1 Ability Energy per positive effect on self Enemies killed by this attack cannot be revived. Furthermore, in the crucible, this attack is unavoidable and cannot be blocked
Ultron Prime (Passive skill) If health is full at the beginning of a match, the hero gains Revive Once with 50 percent of his max health

Moreover, on kill, it prolongs all positive effects on this character and all villain tech allies

In the crucible, Ultron gains 50 percent armour for himself and for all Masters of Evil allies
MSF: Ultron update

Masters of Evil

Masters of Evil is a new team that players can procure in MSF. At the time of writing this, only 2 of the 5 members in the team have been revealed. Titania will be teaming up with an updated Ultron to start the new Masters of Evil team.

Three more Masters of Evil characters will arrive in a future release, so keep an eye on the official MSF website.

Titania is a social media maven and a bombshell brawler. Her skills enable her to block basically everything, whether it is an ability block, a heal block, or online.

How to obtain Ultron

The only way that you can procure Ultron is by completing Dark Dimension 2,which is one of the gaming modes in MSF. However, it is vital to note that this mode only unlocks at player level 65, as it is quite difficult to complete.

The mode pits players against waves of enemies that you have to defeat to complete the battle. Luckily there are several difficulty levels for this mode, but you have to complete the second difficulty mode, Fear of the Darkness to get Ultron.

For this mode, players must have 5 characters at gear tier 13, regardless of how many stars they have. Once you have your team, you can attempt to complete all 16 missions in the Fear of Darkness mode.

How to increase Ultron’s level

Once you have Ultron, you should increase his level before the other Masters of Evil characters are released. To increase Ultron’s level, you can use him in your team to complete campaign missions and daily challenges.

However, there are alternative ways to level up Ultron like using the equipment discovery tasks. To do so, open Ultron’s screen. where, you will see some of the slots display a  “Find” sign.

This indicates that the slot is empty. Players can either complete campaign missions to find equipment for that slot, or they can try to search for that specific equipment.

If you select any of the empty slots, another screen will open which shows the tasks that you can complete to find the equipment that can be used in that slot.

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