MSF: Tech Raid Team

To be successful in MSF’s Tech Lane, you have to use a specific Raid team, though it may change for Incursion Raids II.

In Marvel Strike Force (MSF) you can fight alongside superheroes and supervillains to slay terrifying enemies who are attempting to take control of the Marvel Universe.

In addition to the main story arc, you can participate in the Incursion Raid, which has different lanes. To be successful in the Tech lane, you have to use specific teams.

Incursion Raids

In March 2023, MSF revealed that players can test their characters’ abilities by participating in the Incursion Raids. Keep in mind, however, that there are certain requirements which must be met to enjoy this activity.

You have to be at least level 90 with characters equipped with tier-15 or higher ear and armor. Furthermore, your Alliance has to complete the Doom Raids successfully.

Since the Incursion Raids were released some time ago, the game’s developer, Scopely, will allegedly release an updated version of the raids, though this is yet to be announced.

MSF: Tech Raid Team

The Incursion Raids contains different lanes, each of which requires 1 of 5 specific traits, namely Bio, Tech, Skill, Mystic and Mutant. In order to be successful in every lane, players must use specific team members with certain traits.

Unfortunately, tech modifiers make it much more difficult than the current best Tech Raid team , which is essentially the Bionic Avengers.

Therefore, players can supposedly expect a new Tech Raid team to be introduced to MSF, which will be much more adaptable to the modifiers.

Bionics will still be a force when it comes to lower-level Raids though, but for Incursion raids, it will be difficult to make any progress with them.

Players can thus try to build a Tech team of individually excellent plug-and-play characters, such as Doctor Doom, Kestrel, Shuri and Kang.

You can always combine these characters with a Bionic Avenger, but you may have to test the nodes to see how effective it will be.

There are several team combinations with which players can experiment in the Tech lane, some of which are:

Team Members
Bionic Avengers
  • Hulkbuster
  • Viv Vision
  • Iron Man
  • Vision
Bionic Avengers + Kang
  • Hulkbuster
  • Viv Vision
  • Kang the Conqueror
  • Vision
  • Deathlok
Bionic Avengers + Kang + Doctor Doom
  • Kang the Conqueror
  • Hulkbuster
  • Deathlok
  • Viv Vision
  • Doctor Doom

Recommended ISO-8 Class

Once you have your team for the Tech Lane, make sure that you have assigned the correct ISO-8 classes to your characters to enhance their abilities.

The table below outlines the recommended ISO-8 classes for these characters:

Character Recommended ISO-8 class
Doctor Doom Striker is the only viable option for him as you want him to initiate additional attacks whenever possible
Viv Vision She will receive the most benefits as a Healer, especially if you are building her for Raids
Kang Players can assign the Raider or the Striker class to Kang.
Deathlok If you assign the Striker class, you must ensure that Vision is a Skirmisher while Iron Man is a Raider.
Hulkbuster This protector who creates a Barrier will always benefit from the Fortifier class.
Iron Man To enhance his critical chance, assign him to the Raider class.
Vision Players can either assign the Raider or Skirmisher class to him.

Additional Lanes

In addition to the Tech lane, you will encounter the Bio, Skill, Mystic and Mutant Lanes. Players should note that every lane requires specific teams to succeed, as shown below.

Lane Recommended characters
  • Winter Soldier
  • U.S Agent
  • Captain America
  • Captain Carter
  • Agent Venom
  • Dagger
  • Cloak
  • Deathpool
  • Spider-Weaver
  • Morgan Le Fay

Incursion Raid II

As previously mentioned, MSF will purportedly introduce Incursion Raid II for players to enjoy. Although the specifics about this activity are still unknown, players have created their own theories about what this update includes.

One player revealed that Rebirth, Invaders and probably Deathseed characters may not be viable with the release of the new raid.

Another player mentioned that these characters will be viable in the lower difficulties, but they may struggle to vanquish enemies as the difficulty increases.

It is advisable that you keep an eye on the official MSF website to stay updated on the latest news regarding Incursion Raid II. Keep in mind, however, that the recommended teams for each lane may differ for Incursion Raid II.

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