MSF: Symbiote Sample

To progress in MSF Symbiote Sabotage Milestone event, you have to procure Symbiote Samples, which is a limited time currency.

You can enjoy adventurous role-playing in Marvel Strike Force (MSF). Since the game is based on the classic comic and movie franchise, Marvel, the chances are high that you will experience similar regions, missions, and characters in the game as seen in the movies.

There are several activities that you can enjoy in MSF. One of the events you can participate in is Symbiote Sabotage, which features a milestone. To complete this milestone, you have to get Symbiote Samples.

What is an in-game event?

An in-game event allows players to experience MSF in a new, thrilling way for a limited period of time.

When an in-game event is active, you have to complete specific objectives and tasks to earn rewards. Sometimes, the rewards you receive during an event can only be acquired from that specific event.

It is therefore advisable that you try to participate in every MSF event, although it is not always possible. Events occasionally have themes that correspond to real-life events, such as Halloween or New Years.

In MSF’s case, their themes are based on events from Marvel comic books or movies.

MSF: Symbiote Sample

MSF recently announced a new Super Patriot Event called Symbiote Sabotage. During this event, you can collect Agent Venom character shards, progress in Super Patriot, and obtain resources to inject into your roster.

Players can earn up to 180 Agent Venom shards in this event, so you should log on every day to maximise this Rebirth Blaster’s firepower.

Alongside the Symbiote Sabotage, you can enjoy the Symbiote Sabotage Milestone. Players can obtain points for this 7-day milestone by battling in Alliance War, spending Power Cores, and from a limited-time Symbiote Sample currency.

You can acquire this currency from the Sym-Solder Web Milestone rewards and from the Free Daily Web Claims that appear on the official MSF website throughout the event.

Players therefore have to progress in the Sym-Solder web Milestone to collect Symbiote Samples. It is advisable that you complete as many Blitz battles as possible to earn credits, which count towards the milestone.

Once you reach a specific point in the milestone, you earn rewards. You can earn Symbiote Samples, Tier-3 and Tier-4 Ability Materials, as well as Blue, Purple, Orange, and Teal Gear Orb Fragments.

It is noteworthy that the amount of Symbiote Samples you receive increase with your position in the milestone. Therefore, you have to progress in the milestone as quickly as possible before it ends.

How many Symbiote Samples will you receive?

Players can get multiple Symbiote Samples if they actively attempt to progress their position in the milestone. The table below lists the number of Symbiote Samples you will receive based on your Milestone position:

Milestone Position Number of Symbiote Samples
1 1000
2 1000
3 1000
4 1250
5 1250
6 1250
7 1500
8 1500
9 1750
10 1750
11 2000
12 2000
13 2250
14 2500
15 3000
16 3500
17 4000
18 4500
19 5000
20 8000

Players can increase their position on the milestone by participating in the Blitz gaming mode. The more battles you complete, the faster your position will increase in the milestone.


The Blitz gaming mode allows you to compete against other players’ teams to earn ranking points. When the Blitz battle is over, you will get milestone rewards and rewards based on the rank you achieved during the battle.

Players will receive Blitz Credits, which can be used to purchase character shards, supplies, and orbs from the Blitz in-game store.

It is essential to note that only players who are on level 12 or higher can participate in Blitz. If you are yet to reach level 12, you cannot participate in the activity and therefore, you cannot procure Symbiote Samples.

Agent Venom

If you participate in the Symbiote Sabotage and Symbiote Sabotage Milestone events, you will receive Agent Venom character shards.

Flash Thompson, a disabled veteran, volunteered to be bonded with the Venom Symbiote. This process combined his mastery of weaponry with symbiote savagery. This, in turn, allows him to deal massive amounts of damage to his enemies.

Similarly to other characters in MSF, Agent Venom has multiple skills and abilities, which are :

Skill Description
Gun Play He attacks the primary target for 300 percent damage. This skill also applies a Defense Down effect for 2 turns.
Symbiotic Smackdown It deals 250 percent piercing damage to a target. However, if Agent Venom has 3 or more Rebirth allies, he deals 1 additional attack.
Bullet Storm Attacks all enemies for 320 percent piercing damage. It deals 30 percent additional damage for every positive and negative effect on the primary target.
Symbiote Agent In Raids, if he has 3 or more Rebirth allies, he attacks the most injured enemy for 100 percent damage.

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