MSF: Sylvie ISO-8

To enhance Sylvie in MSF, you have to assign the Striker ISO-8 class to her as other classes are unnecessary.

In Marvel Strike Force (MSF), players can participate in turn-based combat alongside allies and arch-rivals. Before you enter a battle, you must formulate a team with 5 characters.

One of the characters that you can use in a team is Sylvie, though it is essential that you use the correct ISO-8 class.

MSF: Sylvie ISO-8

Sylvie is a variant of Loki and in her timeline, she disrupted the Sacred Timeline with her powers.

Since she was recently added to MSF, players want to know which ISO-8 class they should assign to her. The best ISO-8 class for Sylvie is Striker, as she can reduce the speed of her target with an ISO-8 attack.

She can deal great damage to enemies, and  by assigning the Striker class to her, you will increase her damage output. When looking at her skills, her basic attack can reduce the speed bar for up to 3 targets by 15 percent.

Evidently, a follow-up attack on the primary target will reduce the speed of that target by another 15 percent.

Many players have assigned the Skirmisher class to Sylvie, though it is unnecessary. This is because she does not struggle with Focus.

Although you may be tempted to experiment with other ISO-8 classes, they will not enhance her capabilities.

How to acquire Sylvie

Sylvie’s shards became available for collection on Monday, 24 July 2023. Players can earn up to 180 Sylvie Shards by opening Enhancing Orbs. It is noteworthy that these orbs cost approximately 675 Power Cores.

MSF players should be on the lookout for offers that are available in the first 3 days after the initial release, which contain Sylvie Shards.

We recommend that you acquire Sylvie during the event, as you may have to spend real money to acquire her at a later stage.

MSF: Sylvie ISO-8
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Sylvie’s abilities

Once you have Sylvie, you can use the following skills:

Skill Description
Slashing Fury
  • Attacks the primary target for 300 percent damage and flip Deflect. Chains 2 adjacent targets for 300 percent damage
  • In Raids, it reduces Speed Bar for primary and secondary targets by 3 percent
Variant Vendetta
  • Attacks the primary target for 430 percent damage and applies Defense Down for 2 turns. Copies and clears 2 positive effects
  • Chains to 4 adjacent targets for 430 percent damage and applies Defense Down for 2 turns. Copies and clears 2 positive effects
Timeless Trickster
  • Attacks all enemies for 500 percent damage and flip Speed Up. It also applies a Slow debuff.
  • Reduces Speed Bar for all enemies by 5 percent
Goddess of Mischief
  • On turn, heals self for 5 percent of max health and 5 percent of max health per non-minion Asgardian ally.
  • If there are 2 enemies, it Mind Controls 1 random enemy to attack another random enemy.

In which teams should you use Sylvie?

We do not recommend that you create teams with randomly-selected characters, as their skills may not be compatible.

Therefore, you cannot use Sylvie in any team. To ensure that Sylvie’s performance is exceptional on the battlefield, you should use her in Bifrost and Asgardian teams.

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