MSF: Superior Six

One of the most powerful teams that players can build for the Cosmic Crucible activity in MSF is Superior Six, which contains  extraordinary characters.

In Marvel Strike Force (MSF), players can battle alongside allies and arch-rivals to prevent an assault from happening on Earth.

You have to mix and match characters from all corners of the multiverse to vanquish enemies in turn-based battles.

Superior Six

The game’s developer, Scopely, regularly releases updates to introduce new characters, events and activities for gamers to enjoy.

On Monday, 30 October 2023, Scopely announced several new characters, who, together, will form the Superior Six team.

This team consists of the Green Goblin (Classic) who will lead the way with newcomers Kraven the Hunter, Spider-Slayer and Lizard.

Furthermore, Doctor Octopus has been reworked to prepare him for his new role in the Superior Six team.

According to the announcement, all Superior Six team members will also get the Sinister Six trait. This allows players to theorycraft and build 2 separate squads  of powerful characters to bully the competition in battle.

Currently it is unknown how players can acquire the entire Superior Six team members. Since Doctor Octopus was released previously in MSF, you are able to participate in the event campaign to add him to your collection.

Allegedly, Green Goblin (Classic) is the next Legendary Scopely release in MSF and he will be available in a trial.

Scopely is yet to announce how players can procure the remaining members, however, we believe that they will be released in the near future.

Keep in mind, however, that you may have to participate in an in-game event and complete objectives to earn character shards, which you can use to create a character.

MSF: Superior Six
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Recommended ISO-8 classes

Once you have acquired a Superior Six member, you need to assign the correct ISO-8 class to him to enhance his capabilities.

The following table lists the recommended ISO-8 classes for the Superior Six team members:

Member ISO-8 class
Spider-Slayer Since Spider-Slayer is a damage dealer, Striker will be the best to enhance his capabilities.
Kraven the Hunter Kraven can attack multiple targets with his attacks, so we recommend assigning the Raider class.
Green Goblin If you assign the Raider class, you will max out his potential damage.
Doctor Octopus He can be an excellent healer, however, he already has several good ways to heal his team. We therefore recommend assigning the Skirmisher class
Lizard Assign the Striker class to him to enable him to have an ISO-8 follow-up attack

Superior Six functions

Although you can use Superior Six in several game modes, it is not recommended as the team specializes in specific activities.

It is believed that Superior Six will be the best team in the Cosmic Crucible and allegedly, no one will stand a chance against them.

As previously explained, the Superior Six will also receive the Sinister Six tag. This means that they can be combined with the 5 reworked Sinister Six characters. Gamers are thus able to create 2 excellent teams for the Alliance War activity.

Most of the Superior Six’s abilities mention the Sinister Six tag, which means that they have outstanding synergy with the reworked Sinister Six characters.

Team placement in battles

We recommend that you put Spider-Slayer in one corner next to Kraven. Green Goblin has to be placed in the middle with Doctor Octopus next to him. In the other corner, players should use Lizard, as he is the team’s protector.

If you use this positioning strategy, Doctor Octopus will passively provide deflect and Speed up to Lizard as well as Green Goblin.

Green Goblin should be the first to attack with Lizard dealing the second attack. Next, Kraven should deal damage followed by Doctor Octopus and then Spider-Slayer.

Superior Six T4’s

In order to maximize your Superior Six team in MSF, you have to prioritize the skills that you want to spend resources on first.

You should therefore use your resources on some skills first before using them to increase the skill’s tier on other skills.

The following table lists the skills that you have to upgrade to tier 4 first:

Member Essential skills
  • Ultimate: Reptilian Assault
  • Special: Tail Whip
Doctor Octopus
  • Special: Sinister Recharge
  • Passive: Master Planner
  • Ultimate: Breaking News
  • Passive: Exterminator in Chief
  • Special: Bugle Blaster
Kraven the Hunter
  • Passive: Most Dangerous Game
  • Special: Can’t Run, Can’t Hide
Green Goblin
  • Passive: True Osborn
  • Ultimate: Goblin Bombardment
  • Special: Maniacal Assault

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