MSF: Spider weaver counter

During MSF Cosmic Crucible and Alliance War, you may have to counter Spider-Weaver and the Bionic Avengers are allegedly perfect for the job.

Players can enjoy exhilarating role-playing in Marvel Strike Force (MSF). Since the game is based on the classic Marvel series, you will likely encounter similar aspects in the game to those in the movies, comics, and series.

There are numerous characters to collect and defeat in MSF, one of which is Spider Weaver. However, many players are curious about what the perfect counter is for her.

Who is Spider-Weaver?

Ajei Benally was born into a family of Navajo weavers who passed their abilities and traditions from generation to generation. Her family was overjoyed to send Ajei to college in Las Vegas.

Unfortunately, her grandmother fell ill and became too frail to continue weaving the beautiful textiles that paid her tuition.

On a path to find a cure for her grandmother, Ajei discovered an empty spider web and placed her palm against the web.

To her surprise, she was bitten by the spider and was overcome with a fever. After having visions of Na’ashjeii, Ajei was informed about the Web of Life and Destiny.

After finding the cure for her grandmother, Ajei set out to protect Na’ashjeii and other weavers who may follow the same path. Donning the spider clothing that she wove earlier, Spider-Weaver followed this being’s path to protect her allies.

MSF: Spider-Weaver counter

During an Alliance War or Cosmic Crucible, you may have to defeat the Web Warriors, which have powerful enemies, one of which is Spider-Weaver.

MSF: Spider weaver counter
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The best counter to those enemies is to take away their annoying dodges with the Bionic Avengers’ undodgeable attacks.

As long as players are able to withstand the Web Warriors’ first attack, they will have no problem crushing this team. In addition to their unavoidable aggressive attacks, players will benefit from Viv-Visions’ Solar Strafe and Iron Man’s triple axel pirouette Rocket Barrage.

Not only does this attack  do a lot of damage, but it also increases the blind durations of Viv-Visions’ initial attack.

Players should remember that Viv-Visions’ attack strikes in a line, either back or front rows. You should thus ensure that you make the most of her attacks. With this team, gamers have done punch ups of almost double the normal quantity.

Moreover, you will benefit from the Kamehameha blast along with unavoidable area-of-effect (AOE) skills from Vision, Hulkbuster, and Deathlok.

However, in order to make these attacks unavoidable, you need to have 3 or more Bionic Avengers on your team. This combination will work on the new hybrid team that you may notice in Alliance War and Cosmic Crucible.

However, you may be in a tricky situation if Spider-Weaver stuns Viv-Vision on her first turn. It is therefore advisable that you attempt to defeat Spider-Weaver as soon as possible.

Players can place an Ability Block effect on Spider-Weaver to prevent her from casting a stun on Viv-Vision. If you do this, it is almost guaranteed that you will win the battle.

Who is part of the Bionic Avengers team?

Bionic Avengers are considered the perfect counter for Spider-Weaver. The following table describes each Bionic Avenger:

Team member Description
Deathlok He is a soldier reanimated with cybernetic technology. He deals debilitating blasts to enemies while buffing his Bionic Avenger allies.
Hulkbuster He assumes the role of the guardian for his team. He can generate barriers and draw enemy attacks.
Iron Man Although Iron Man has low health, he deals huge amounts of damage to enemies.
Vision He is a synthetic being that can avoid enemy attacks.
Viv-Vision She is Vision’s synthetically-created daughter. She buffs her Bionic Avenger allies by generating Ability Energy while healing them.

What is Cosmic Crucible?

Cosmic Crucible contains 3 trials, each of which lasts 24 hours. During a trial, you have to attack the six defences of your opponent. Gamers should keep in mind that you have a limited number of attacks for each room, so you have to plan accordingly.

You can win a trial by defeating more rooms than your opponent. To enforce this, Scopely, MSF’s developer, uses a Victory Point system.

The system prioritizes stage clears, the lowest number of Offensive attempts, turn bonuses, and healthy characters, among other things.

What are the Cosmic Crucible rewards?

The rewards that you receive from Cosmic Crucible are based on your Division. The higher your placement is, the better the rewards you will receive.

Players can advance to the following Division by achieving high rankings in tournaments, which increases your Tribunal Rating. Every knockout in a match will net Crucible Credits, which you can use in the Crucible Store to purchase items.

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