MSF: Secret Defenders Infographic

It can be extremely difficult to understand a team in MSF, but fortunately, you can use an infographic to understand the Secret Defenders better.

Marvel Strike Force is an exploratory video game which takes place in the fictitious Marvel Universe, which has been captured by horrific foes. It is up to you to compile teams of heroes and villains to conquer the enemies in turn-based battles.

One of the teams you can use is the Secret Defenders, however, to understand them better, you can use an infographic.

Who are the Secret Defenders?

Similarly to other teams in MSF, the Secret Defender team contains 5 characters.

Players therefore have to procure Black Cat, who is a master thief with nine lives and uncanny luck, Ghost Rider (Robbie) who was a victim of gang violence and Ms. Marvel (Hard Light), who uses her abilities to barrier her allies.

To complete the team, you also have to obtain Photon, who uses electromagnetic abilities to blind her enemies and Doctor Strange, who is a versatile healer with the ability to remove effects.

Although this team can be used in several game modes, they specialize in Arena Offense and Defense.

MSF: Secret Defenders Infographic

Since there are various teams available in MSF, it can be difficult to understand a team’s composition, capabilities and structure. Fortunately, players can use infographics to make understanding a specific team easier.

The Secret Defenders Infographics are as shown below:

Character name Recommended ISO-8 class Basic Special Ultimate Passive
Photon Raider Light Show: She is better with this skill, but she can function without it. Aurora Bast: High value skill, but it is not required to make the character or team function Full Spectrum Flash: Although it is a high-value skill, it is not required to make the team work. Radiant Light: This ability is required to make Photon function.
Ms. Marvel (Hard Light) Raider Teenage Smackdown:  Nice to have, but has a small boost. Downvote: High value but she can function without it. Hardlight Slam: It is required to make the character and her team function. Superfan: Required to make her team function.
Dr. Strange Healer Bolt of Balthakk: Nice to have but is not required Winds of Watoomb: This ability is required to make the team and character work Book of the Vishanti: Not recommended Master of the Arcane Arts: Nice to have, but has smaller boost.
Ghost Rider (Robbie) Raider Hellfire Chain:  Character is better with it equipped, but can function without it. Burnout: High value, but the character can function without it. Hell Drift: This ability is required to ensure that the team functions as intended. Hotrod: Character is better with it equipped, but can function without it.
Black Cat Striker Stealth Slice: She is better with it, however, it is not required to make the team work. Bad Luck… For You: This ability is required to make the character and the team function. Ill-Gotten Gains: High value, but it is not required to ensure the team works as intended. Nine Lives: Although it is of high value, it is not required.
MSF: Secret Defenders Infographic


The Secret Defenders team is ideal for players who have yet to acquire Apocalypse. This team can be acquired by any new or mid-game player.

They can defeat almost every defensive combo, including Apocalypse with Horsemen in the Arena.

When you have procured Apocalypse, you can replace Doctor Strange with him. The Secret Defenders with Apocalypse is a team that will be used by active high mid-game and endgame gamers.

This team combination is extremely effective as Apocalypse can strengthen an already strong team and therefore, take you to the very top of the Arena.

How to procure the Secret Defenders

Doctor Strange was previously released in MSF and thus, most players already have him in their arsenal. In order to procure Black Cat, players had to participate in the limited-time event, Black Cat Trials.

During this event, you had to complete specific objectives during the Arena game mode to earn Black Cat character shards.

Ghost Rider, on the other hand, was available during the Ego:1382 event, which concluded on Tuesday, 5 September 2023.

Just like in Black Cat Trials, you had to complete certain objectives to earn character shards for Ghost Rider (Robbie.)

Ms. Marvel (Hard Light) also had an event during which players were able to earn character shards for her by completing certain tasks.

Photon’s event allegedly focused on the Blitz gaming mode. MSF player, Cybercatman, recently revealed on the official Discord channel that players can collect Photon, Robbie and Ms. Marvel by participating in the following monthly event.

If you are yet to collect these characters, we highly recommend that you participate in this event to build the Secret Defenders team.


As previously explained, the Secret Defenders are one of the top choices for the Arena in MSF. When you first join the Arena, you have to start from the bottom rank and work your way up towards the higher ranks.

Keep in mind, though, that you have 2 squads, one of which is defense and the other is offense. Fortunately, the Secret Defenders can be used in both roles, unlike with many other teams.

You have to challenge opponents based on their rank and if you win the battle, you will swap ranks with them. After every battle, you have to wait a set period of time before you can enter the next battle.

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