MSF: Ronin ISO-8

Since Ronin was recently released in MSF, players are unsure which ISO-8 class they have to assign to him, but we recommend the Striker class.

Marvel Strike Force (MSF) is an exhilarating mobile game that allows players to fight alongside powerful superheroes and supervillains to conquer enemies. Before every battle, you have to create a team of characters.

One of the characters you can select is Ronin, however, players are unsure about which ISO-8 class they should assign to him.

Who is Ronin?

According to Marvel lore, Ronin is an identity used by several heroes in the Marvel Universe for several reasons and is, so far, all members of the Avengers.

The first person who took up the identity of Ronin was an assassin-turned-crime fighter named Echo.

After being resurrected from death, Clint Barton, who is also referred to as Hawkeye, decided to take a break from his superhero identity.

In the guise of Ronin, he joined the team, The New Avengers, while they were locked in conflict with Iron Man’s team of Avengers.

Allegedly, Alexei Shostakov, Eric Brooks and Bullseye were all assigned the identity of Ronin at one stage or another.

MSF: Ronin ISO-8

On 25 August 2023, Scopely announced that several new superheroes and supervillains will be added to the game, one of which is Ronin.

Since Ronin was recently released in MSF, several players are unsure of which ISO-8 class they should assign to him.

Although it may not seem that way, the ISO-8 system is a crucial factor in MSF, as it allows players to customize their characters.

This progression feature can add power to your characters by granting them new abilities and even creating new team possibilities.

We strongly recommend that you assign an ISO-8 class to Ronin to improve his capabilities. Although you can assign any ISO-8 class to him, he would benefit the most from the Striker Class.

This is because during the Alliance War activity, Ronin’s ISO-8 follow-up, counter and assist attacks will reduce a Speed Bar.

Strikers are usually preferred for damage-dealing characters, and since Ronin is a damage dealer, this class will suit him perfectly.

Players can also consider the Raider class, since his basic and special abilities target multiple opponents. However, he will not be using his special ability until his second turn, and it has a long cooldown.

The basic ability only affects 2 enemies, which means that assigning the Raider class to him will be a waste.

Ronin’s abilities

Similarly to other characters in MSF, Ronin has several abilities which can be used to destroy enemies on the battlefield:

Ability type Ability Description
Basic Vengeful Strikes
  • Attacks primary target for 250 percent damage
  • On War Defense, when he performs a Counterattack or Assist, it reduces the Speed Bar
ISO-8 / Counter Attack/ Assists Unknown
  • Attacks target for 190 percent damage
  • On War Defence, reduces target’s Speed Bar
  • This attack cannot be blocked
Special Cleaning House
  • Attacks target for 320 percent damage
  • Rebound Chain to 5 targets within 2 spaces of previous target for 250 percent damage.
Ultimate Merciless
  • Clear Revive Once on the primary target
  • Attacks target for 50 percent Piercing damage
  • On War Defense, it applies Trauma

How to acquire Ronin

MSF player, WDYE? recently mentioned on the official MSF Discord channel that players have to spend Energy and make Alliance Donations to progress in the Recruiting Ronin milestone.

MSF: Ronin ISO-8
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By completing milestones during this event, players will receive Ronin’s character’s shards and when you have enough shards, you will be able to unlock Ronin.

Keep in mind, however, that you can purchase Ronin if you are willing to spend real money in MSF. That being said, it is not mandatory to purchase Ronin, as you can get him for free by completing certain milestones.

Players should note that completing the milestones will take longer than simply purchasing Ronin though.

Ronin’s team

Although players can use Ronin in any MSF team, it is not recommended, because Ronin will perform much better in certain teams.

We therefore advise you to use Ronin in the New Avengers team, which comprises:

Character Description
Tigra Protector of the Cat People – she defends her allies and uses her razor-sharp claws to rend her opponents.
Agent Coulson He defends the Helicarrier by clearing positive effects from invading teams.
Mockingbird She is a master undercover operative who can use her battle stave for lethal effectiveness.
The Thing This rocky brawler can deal massive damage to single targets.

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