MSF: Red Goblin

A recent MSF Weekly Blog update revealed that players will be able to procure the Red Goblin, which is expected to be released in February 2024

Marvel Strike Force (MSF) allows players to acquire the most powerful heroes and infamous villains to progress in different arcs and destroy enemies. On Friday, 12 January 2024, Scopely released the Symbiote Surfboard weekly update.

This update revealed that a Symbiote invasion is bursting and forming the powerful new Hive-Mind team. One of this team’s members is the Red Goblin.

According to Marvel Lore, Norman Osborn bonded to the Carnage Symbiote to recover his Green Goblin persona, but instead, he became the Red Goblin.

MSF: Red Goblin
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Unfortunately, MSF did not reveal the exact date that Red Goblin will be available to procure, however, it is known that he will be added to the game during the Version 7.7 release.

On the official MSF Discord server, a player mentioned that Red Goblin will be added to the game in February 2024, though this has not been confirmed by MSF yet.

We recommend that you keep an eye on the Weekly Blog and patch notes to see when Red Goblin will officially be released in MSF. Since Red Goblin has yet to be released, players do not know what his skill set is.

However, several players believe that he will have similar skills to the Green Goblin, but since Norman Osborn bonded to the Carnage Symbiote, his skills may feature a unique twist.

It is believed that MSF will release Red Goblin’s skill set shortly before his official release.

Hive-Mind Team

In addition to the Red Goblin, Gwenom, Void Knight, Carnage and Venom have also joined the Hive-Mind team.

It is worth noting that Carnage and Venom have been updated to fit into the team, while Gwenom and Void Knight were recently released. The table below lists some of their abilities:

Character Skills
  • Tongue Twister Gain the opposite of all negative effects, excluding Bleed, on the primary Target
  • Symbiotic Fury: Clears all Barriers from all Targets. Barriers herself as well as all Hive-Mind and Spider-Verse allies for 15% of her max health
Void Knight
  • Scourge of the Spaceways: Steals up to 1 Ability Energy from the primary target. In Raids, steals up to 3 Ability Energy
  • Cosmic Corruption: Attacks primary Target for 340% damage. It also flips 3 negative effects into positive effects on self
  • Slaughter: Attacks primary target for 420% damage and an additional 100% damage per negative effect
  • Frenzied Fury: When an enemy drops below 25% health, it fills his Speed Bar by 30% for self.
  • Maul: Attacks primary target for 280% damage and flips 2 positive effects into negative effects
  • Violate: Attacks primary target for 380% damage and applies Ability Block for 1 turn, Heal Block for 2 turns and 3 Bleed for 2 turns

Hive-Mind uses

Since the announcement of the Hive-Mind team, MSF players have been wondering what the team will specialize in.

According to the weekly blog update, this squad of Symbiotes specializes in feasting upon Bio Raid Lanes, especially in the new Incursion Raid II.

Alliance Raids challenge your entire Alliance to work together to complete a series of missions before the timer depletes. If you complete these missions, your entire Alliance will earn rewards.

This, however, does not mean that players will not be able to use the Hive-Mind team for other activities in MSF.

Pact of Wraith

Pact of Wraith is a premium milestone and if you complete it, you will receive Nova’s Wrath costume. In order to score points for this milestone, you have to procure key items and therefore, 3 total, to complete this milestone.

One unique item will be available within character officers that contains enough character shards to instantly unlock each of the new Hive-Mind members.

This will kick off with Void Knight and then Gwenom and finally, Red Goblin. The following table lists the items you have to procure are:

Item Description
Corrupted Gauntlets Found in upcoming Red Goblin offers
Corrupted Armor Found in upcoming Gwenom offers
Corrupted Helmet Found in Void Knight offers

How to acquire Red Goblin

As previously mentioned, players can procure an item that contains enough character shards to instantly unlock Red Goblin.

However, this item can allegedly only be purchased with real money and not all players are willing to spend real money in MSF.

Several players believe that MSF will host an in-game event which will reward players with Red Goblin’s character shards. You may have to complete unique objectives to earn the shards.

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