MSF: Reaper orb fragments

You can earn Reaper Orb Fragments in MSF to progress in an event’s milestone, but these events are generally only active for 3 days.

You have to protect the Marvel Universe from terrifying enemies in this exciting mobile game, Marvel Strike Force (MSF). Apart from completing missions, you can enjoy several game modes and in-game events.

In February, 2023, you were able to enjoy the Debonair Death event, during which you had to obtain Reaper Orb Fragments. However, for the Angel’s Army milestone, players also had to acquire the Reaper Orb Fragments.

MSF in-game events

In-game events allow MSF players to enjoy the game in a new way for a limited time. When an event is active, you have to complete certain tasks or missions in order to earn rewards.

Sometimes, the rewards you can earn during an event can only be acquired from that specific event.

Events motivate new players, or players who stopped playing MSF, to open the game. However, it also gives existing players the opportunity to collect rare items.

If you missed out on an event’s rewards, you may need to use real money to acquire the items from the in-game shop.

MSF: Reaper Orb fragments

Players were able to knock on Death’s door on 20 February to celebrate the Debonair Death event.

You had the opportunity to prepare for the Death Scourge Event by earning Star Catalyst Parts, Mutant and Bio gear, as well as character shards for Death Seed, Bionic Avengers, Wakandas, Bionic and Mutant characters.

The event featured a 3-day milestone. You had to collect Reaper Orb Fragments to reach certain points in the milestone. Players were able to progress in the milestone by collecting orb fragments from select campaign nodes and by earning Blitz Credits.

Once you have obtained a Reaper Orb, you are able to open it to receive rewards. Each Reaper Orb consisted of Training Modules and character shards for the Death Seed, Bionic, Wakandas, Minions and non-legendary Mutants.

Unfortunately, the milestone event has concluded. This essentially means that if you did not collect enough character shards for Death Seed, Bionic, Wakandas, Minions and non-legendary Mutants, you may need to purchase them from the in-game store.

However, there may be an in-game event in the future that allows players to collect these character shards. Unfortunately, it is unknown when the event will take place. At the time of writing, the showcase events for the Invaders team are active.

We recommend that instead of focusing on the Death Seed, Bionic, Wakandas, Minions and non-legendary Mutants character shards, you should focus on acquiring the character shards for the Invader team.

Once the Invader team’s showcases have concluded, you can focus on obtaining the Death Seed, Bionic, Wakandas, Minions and non-legendary Mutants.

What are Blitz Credits?

To progress in the milestone, you had to earn Blitz Credits, which can be acquired by fighting in the Blitz game mode. These credits can be used to purchase character shards, supplies or orbs in the Blitz Store.

It is unknown whether the Death Seed, Bionic, Wakandas, Minions and non-legendary Mutants are available for purchase in the Blitz Store. However, you can farm the credits until they become available for purchase.

Campaign nodes

One of the ways you are able to earn Reaper Orb fragments is by completing certain campaign nodes. The campaign allows you to unravel the story of S.T.R.I.K.E’s war against Ultimus and to save the multiverse from his iron rule.

By progressing in the campaign, players are able to recruit teammates, meet multiversal allies and defeat Ultimus’ army of corrupted warriors.

The campaign is the main method of obtaining gear, training materials, gold and experience points. Sometimes, you have to complete specific parts of the campaign in order to receive rewards for an event.

Since the milestone has concluded, you can no longer complete specific campaign nodes to earn Reaper Orb fragments. However, there are other milestones you need to complete specific nodes for.

Do Reaper Orb Fragments return to the game?

Reaper Orb Fragments were used in another milestone for the Angel’s Army event. This event kicked off on 31 March 2023. It is an opportunity for players to strengthen their roosters for the upcoming Death Scourge.

This event was active for 3 days and it consisted of 30 milestones. Players were able to earn points towards this milestone by earning Reaper Orb Fragments.

You can collect the fragments from specific campaign nodes.  For this milestone, players have to complete all the Hard Mode nodes to obtain Reaper Orb Fragments.

Although Reaper Orb Fragments can only be acquired during a milestone event, it always seems to return to MSF when a milestone is active.

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