MSF: Quantum Pocket Dimension

The Pocket Dimension mode in MSF only unlocks when you reach level 65, and you need specific characters to participate in the activity.

Marvel Strike Force (MSF) is an exhilarating mobile game that invites players to explore the fictional Marvel Universe. Regrettably, the world is under attack, and it is now up to you to fight alongside powerful superheroes and supervillains to save it.

There are several activities and game modes that you can enjoy in MSF, one of which is the Quantum Pocket Dimension.

MSF: Dark Dimension

Dark Dimension is one of the various game modes that players can enjoy in MSF. However, it only unlocks when you reach level 65.

It can therefore be said that Dark Dimension is the game’s endgame activity. In this game mode, players have to defeat waves of foes, but it is split into 3 different modes.

Players can participate in Enter the Darkness, Fear the Darkness and Dread the Darkness. Each mode of the Dark Dimension has specific requirements.

Enter the Darkness requires that you be on level 65, and you need at least 5 6-star characters. Fear the Darkness requires players to have 5 characters at gear tier-13 and for Dread the Darkness, you have to have 5 characters at gear tier-14.

MSF: Quantum Pocket Dimension

MSF: Quantum Pocket Dimension

Early in 2023, MSF announced that players can now enjoy the Pocket Dimension gaming mode. Although it is a new activity, it functions very similarly to Dark Dimension. Players can access the Pocket Dimension by opening the Dark Dimension activity.

The Pocket Dimensions are a series of missions that require specific characters. For the January 2023 Pocket Dimension, players had to use 5 characters with the limited-time Resolute trait.

There were no additional requirements, but players had to power up their Resolute characters to a level high enough to enter the challenge.

Unfortunately, the next Pocket Dimension activity is yet to be announced, so it is impossible to know which characters and traits are required to participate in the activity.

However, it is clear that you need to use characters with a specific tag to clear all the nodes and earn valuable rewards.

There is a possibility that your characters’ health points will decrease, or your characters may be killed, while participating in Pocket Dimension.

Fortunately, players can use Dark Health Packs or Power Cores to heal, or revive, characters who were eliminated in battle.

In order to participate in Pocket Dimension, you need a minimum level of 65. If you are yet to reach level 65, we recommend that you focus on increasing your level by completing missions and participating in battle.

Since the following Pocket Dimension is yet to be announced, you have enough time to increase your level to enjoy it.


Players will earn rewards for completing each mission in Pocket Dimension. However, you will also receive first time and timed run rewards.

The rewards include but are not limited to, Teal and Orange gear, Silver Promotion Credits, Catalyst Parts, Gold and Gold Promotion Credits, amongst other items.

In the Dark Dimension series, only the first run and the timed run will give players mission and completion rewards. If it is your third run of Pocket Dimension, you will no longer receive rewards for completing the activity.

It is noteworthy, though, that you only have 7 days to earn these rewards. Players should therefore keep an eye out for official MSF announcements to know when the next Pocket Dimension will occur.

Which characters do you need?

For the January 2023 Pocket Dimension, players had to use 5 characters that have the Resolute trait. Unfortunately, it is undetermined whether you will need to use these characters again when the next Pocket Dimension takes place or not.

However, if you need to use them again, the following table serves as a tier list for the Resolute characters:

Ties Character
  • Omega Red
  • Sersi
  • Scarlet Spider
  • Miles
  • Magik and Storm
  • Shuri
  • Misty Knight
  • Star-Lord
  • Groot
  • Doctor Strange
  • Black Panther
  • She-Hulk
  • Red Skull

There is a possibility that the next Pocket Dimension will require other characters, and if it requires Resolute characters, we recommend that you use S, A and B tier characters to create your team.

If you do not have enough characters to create a full team, you can use the C and D tier characters.

When is the next Pocket Dimension?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to say when the next Pocket Dimension will be. Players therefore have to keep an eye on MSF’s official platforms to find out when it will activate. You can also join the official MSF Discord channel to stay updated.

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