MSF: Out of Time Team

MSF recently announced that players will be able to build the new Out of Time team, which consists of various new characters

Scopely regularly releases new characters and updates characters to create a new team in Marvel Strike Force (MSF).

The developer recently announced the new Out of Time Team, which allegedly consists of Black Knight, Starbrand, Cosmic Ghost Rider, Captain Carter and Captain America.

The team is currently unavailable on the normal MSF servers, which essentially means that you can only experience their capabilities on a test server.

Most of the characters in the teams are yet to be released in MSF, though some of them, such as Captain Carter and Captain America, have already been added to the game.

MSF: Out of Time Team
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Both Captain Carter and Captain America have been reworked to prepare them for their new role in the Out of Time Team.

This essentially means that their skill sets and abilities have been altered to be compatible with the other members’ of the team’s abilities.

If you play MSF on a test server, you can discover the entire team’s skill sets and use them to vanquish enemies to see how they perform.

Since all the characters in the Out of Time team have amazing skills, we recommend that you understand how the skills function before taking the team to a battle.

The following table lists some of the new characters’ abilities:

Character Skills
Black Knight
  • Flesh Wound: Attacks the primary target for 180% Piercing damage and clear 1 random positive effect.
  • None Shall Pass: Clears all negative effects from self and all allies. If negative effects are removed from this character, this ability heals him for 5% per negative effect removed.
Cosmic Ghost Rider
  • Cosmic Whiplash: Attacks enemies for 180% damage and applies Bleed. Damage is increased by 10% per positive effect on this character.
  • Vengeance Slide: Attacks all enemies for 300% damage, and damage is increased by 25% per positive effect on this character.
  • Ancient Fury: Attacks primary target for 225% damage and applies Offense Down.
  • Primal Star Strike: Attacks primary target for 350% damage and applies a Slow debuff. This skill also reduces Speed Bar by 15% and an additional 10% per Out of Time ally.

Reworked characters

As previously mentioned, Captain America and Captain Carter have been reworked to prepare them for their new role in the Out of Time team.

At the time of writing, it is unknown which version of Captain America will be part of the team, though community members believe it is WWII. Some of their skills include the following:

Character Skills
Captain Carter
  • A Proper Bash: Attacks primary target and an adjacent target. She also applies Regeneration to the most injured ally.
  • Acrobatic Justice: She gains 3 Deflect, 1 Counter and 1 Death Proof. In raids, all Rebirth allies will get the same buffs.
Captain America (WWII)
  • American Iron: Attacks primary target and applies a Slow debuff for 2 turns. Bucky Barnes’s ally will assist Captain America.
  • Brothers in Arms: Flips all negative effects to positive effects for self and all Invader allies. It will also generate 1 Ability Energy for all Invader Allies and gain Assist from 2 random Invaders

When will the rework take place?

As shown above, Captain America (WWII) and Captain Carter have yet to be reworked as their skills are still focused on other teams.

Currently, it is unknown when Scopely will release their rework, but it is guaranteed that their rework will take place before the rest of the Out of Time team members are released.

Players should note that when the characters are reworked, they may have to use a different ISO-8 class.

We therefore recommend that when their reworked skills are released, you experiment with different ISO-8 classes to see which class will enhance their capabilities.

When will the new characters be released?

The new characters for the Out of Time team were only recently added to the MSF test servers. This essentially means that Scopely is testing their skills, buffs, debuffs and their performance in varying game modes.

Furthermore, the developers must ensure that the new characters are not overpowered or underpowered compared to the rest of the teams.

Once Scopely has performed all their tests, they may have to adjust the characters before they officially release them on the normal MSF servers.

Unfortunately, we do not know when the characters will be released. So we recommend that you keep an eye on the official MSF website for further updates.

How to acquire the Out of Time team members

Most MSF players already have Captain Carter and Captain America (WWII) in their collection as they have been released previously. Even though these characters are getting a rework, they will remain in your collection.

As for the other team members, you may have to participate in several in-game events and complete objectives to earn character shards.

Allegedly, Scopely has already announced Black Knight’s release event, which means that the event will become active in the near future.

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