MSF: Omega Red Unlock

To unlock Omega Red in MSF, you have to complete the Red Dead event, which requires the Secret Avengers team.

In Marvel Strike Force (MSF) you can enjoy turn-based battles alongside allies and arch-rivals.

There are several Marvel characters that you can procure as you advance in the game, one of which is Omega Red. However, some MSF players are unsure of how to unlock him.

Is Omega Red a good character?

Omega Red uses his Mutant Death Aura to apply the Trauma status to foes, which prevents their negative effects from being removed or flipped. Some characters in MSF perform better in certain activities than other.

It is therefore crucial that you know which activities Omega Red excels in:

Activity Star rating
Arena 4-star
Alliance War Offense 5-star
Alliance War Defense 5-star
Blitz 5-star
Raid 3-star
Dark Dimension 4-star
Cosmic Crucible 4-star

Players can therefore use Omega Red in any of the activities, but he may not excel in Raids.

MSF: Omega Red Unlock

Omega Red is an iconic member of the Weapon X team, which means that he is the 5th and final character to complete the squad.

When he was initially released in MSF, he was the first character to introduce the Trauma ability, which made him highly sought after.

To unlock this character, though, you have to complete the legendary Red Death event. Unfortunately, this event does not occur often, therefore you should be prepared for when the event is active.

To participate in this event, you need a team of Secret Avengers.

This team comprises Captain America (Sam), Maria Hill, Sharon Carter and The Winter Soldier. Even if you have these characters, but you do not meet the requirements, you cannot participate in the event.

Every character has to be level 6, with gear Tier 12 and have completed ISO-8 Tier 1.

If you meet these requirements, you will be able to reach the third level of Red Death, which will give you enough Omega Red shards to unlock him fully.

To prepare for the Red Death event, we recommend that you power up all your Secret Avengers and the Winter Soldier for when the event occurs.

Unfortunately, it is undetermined when the next Red Death event will occur, but we recommend that you keep an eye on the official MSF website, as all announcements are released on the site.

MSF: Omega Red Unlock
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Omega Red’s abilities

Similarly to other characters in MSF, Omega Red has various abilities that you can use against enemies:

Ability Description
Carbonadium Lash
  • Attacks primary target for 320 percent damage
  • Steals 10 percent health and redistribute to self
  • This bypasses Heal Block
Coil Crush
  • Applies Trauma and Ability Block to primary target
  • Attacks targets for 450 percent damage and steals 5 percent of each target’s health and redistributes to self
  • Applies Offense Down to primary and adjacent targets
Tentacle Onslaught
  • Flips all positive effects to negative effects on all opponents
  • Attacks primary target for 430 percent damage and applies Ability Block, Slow and Heal Block
  • Steals 10 percent health from all enemies and redistributes to self
  • In War, this skill applies Trauma to all enemies
Death Factor
  • On Spawn, it applies Defense Up for 2 turns to self and all Weapon X allies
  • On turn, it heals self for 20 percent of his maximum health
  • When his health drops below 60 percent, he gains Speed Up and Deathproof

Omega Red’s ISO-8

There are several ISO-8 classes that you can choose for Omega Red, however, only a few classes will enhance his capabilities.

Although his focus is significantly increased in Alliance War, we recommend that you assign the Skirmisher class to ensure that his debuffs are landing outside of War.

However, if you want to use him in War, then you can maximize his damage output by assigning the Striker class to him.

Several MSF players have mentioned that the Skirmisher class was the ideal option, especially in Raids, DD and Cosmic Crucible, but you can ultimately decide between Skirmisher and Striker.

Should you unlock Omega Red?

As previously explained, the process to unlock Omega Red is quite long, thus,  several players have been curious about whether they should unlock him. He is essentially the final character to complete the Weapon XX powerhouse.

This reason alone is why you should pursue unlocking this extremely valuable character.

Furthermore, the Weapon X team has potential to counter the Infinity Watch team. We therefore recommend that you unlock Omega Red as soon as possible.

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