MSF: Next Legendary Event 2023

According to an MSF update, Nova will be the next Legendary Event Character, however, it is unknown when the event will occur.

Marvel Strike Force (MSF) is an action role-playing game that invites you to obtain and control several Marvel superheroes and supervillains.

Players have to use their characters to vanquish terrifying enemies and participate in various in-game events. MSF occasionally hosts Legendary events, and several players have wondered when the next Legendary event will occur.

What is a Legendary event?

Legendary Events are limited-time activities that allow gamers to unlock and recruit some of the most iconic and powerful characters in the game.

A Legendary Event generally requires that players have a specific set of characters at a high enough level to participate.

The events are named after the character that is being recruited, for instance, Iron Man Legendary Event or the Phoenix Legendary Event. Keep in mind that Legendary Events are only available within a specific timeframe.

When a Legendary Event is active, you have to complete specific missions or challenges to earn character shards, which are needed to unlock the Legendary character.

MSF: Next Legendary Event 2023

Legendary characters, who can only be acquired through a Legendary Event, are often highly sought after because they are extremely powerful and can be essential for completing some of MSF’s most difficult content.

Legendary characters may also have unique skills or synergies that make them valuable additions to your roster.

There have been several Legendary Events in MSF in the past few years, thus, numerous players have wondered when the next Legendary Event will occur.

On Monday, 3 April 2023, MSF released the first part of their preview for 2023. In this update, they revealed that the next Legendary Event will feature Nova, which is the first character with the new team trait, Knowhere.

MSF: Next Legendary Event 2023

Unfortunately, the update did not reveal when the Legendary Event will take place. However players are creating their own theories that it will not be like a traditional Legendary Event, but a Scourge-type event.

In the preview, MSF announced that the game’s community enjoyed the overall experience of the Scourges immensely. Therefore, players will see a return of the Scourge-type events with some interesting new twists to the designs and revamped rewards.

It is therefore unclear if Nova will be available for collection from a traditional Legendary Event or a Scourge-type event. If it is a Scourge-type event, players will not classify it as a Legendary Event, even though MSF claims that it is a Legendary Event.

To participate in this event and to unlock Nova, you need to be at least level 50. Furthermore, you need a combination of at least 5 characters in the following:

Omega Red

On the official Discord server for MSF, one player said that Omega Red is the next Legendary Event character. Allegedly, this information is available on the MSF Event Calendar.

According to fan theories, Omega Red’s Legendary Event will begin on Tuesday, 2 May 2023.

However, this information is subject to change as it is yet to be announced officially by MSF’s developer, Scopely.

There is a possibility that the event will not occur, but if it does activate, you need Nick Fury, Winter Soldier, Maria Hill, Captain America and Sharon Cater to participate in the event.

Every character has to be at level 65 with tier-12 gear. Furthermore, their ISO-8 has to be at tier 1, level 3 to collect the Legendary Character.

Black and Ebony Legendary Event

MSF released an update on Friday, 21 April 2023 which introduces several new characters and events. According to the update, the Black and Ebony Legendary Event began on Monday, 24 April 2023.

For participating in this event, you will receive character shards for Ebony Maw, who aids Thanos by granting positive effects to allies.

In order to unlock Ebony Maw, you need Black Bolt and 4 Inhuman characters with a minimum of 5 stars.

At the time of writing this, it is undetermined how long this event will remain active. We therefore recommend that you unlock Ebony Maw as quickly as possible.

Legendary Character Events

Players need specific characters if they want to participate in a Legendary Event.

Some of the Legendary Events and their required characters are outlined below, though it is impossible to know when the event will occur:

Event Characters required Character you can unlock
Asteroid M
  • X-Men
  • Brotherhood
  • Magneto
I am Iron Man
  • 5 S.H.I.E.L.D characters
  • Iron Man
Princess and the Symbiote
  • 5 Spider-Verse characters
  • Shuri
Space Ace
  • Guardians
  • Ravagers
  • Star Lord
Phoenix Rising
  • Mystic Villain Controllers
  • Phoenix
Unite the Kingdoms
  • Asgardians
  • Black Bolt

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