MSF: New Warriors

MSF’s New Warriors are the perfect squad to take down the lethal Tangled Web-Eternals during room 5 of the Cosmic Crucible.

Marvel Strike Force (MSF) is an adventurous video game that allows players to immerse themselves in the Marvel Universe.

The objective of the game is to procure superheroes and supervillains to build teams and fight foes. One of the teams that you can build is the New Warriors.

MSF: New Warriors

Players were all familiar with the New Warriors, but 21 April 2023’s weekly blog introduced the new, New Warriors team. This 5-character team can be used in many activities in MSF, however, they specialize in Cosmic Crucible Offense.

In order to build this team, you have to collect Gwenpool, Cloak, Dagger, Deathpool and Firestar.

This team’s combined skills make them the perfect squad to take down the lethal Tangled Web-Eternals who, alongside Room 5’s rules, have been the cause of nightmares.

Even though they are the key to vanquishing the Tangled Eternals, which is a strong Cosmic Crucible squad, even away from Room Five.

Before attempting to destroy the Tangled-Eternals, you have to collect every member of the New Warriors team.

Cloak can be purchased from the Raid-Store in exchange for a specific currency. Players therefore have to complete raids to complete the purchase.

Dagger can be acquired by completing a node. According to MSF player, Red, you can procure a Dagger from the Villain’s Hard Node 5.6.

To acquire Deathpool, you have to complete the Milestone 3 Orb. Unfortunately, the remaining 2 players of the New Warrior team cannot be farmed.

MSF: New Warriors

New Warriors ISO-8 classes

In order to enhance the New Warriors’ capabilities, you have to assign them to the correct ISO-8 class. The table below lists the recommended class for each member:

Team member Recommended class
Cloak It is recommended that you assign the Skirmisher class to him
Dagger The Skirmisher is the most beneficial to Dagger
Deathpool To enhance Deathpool’s abilities, you should assign the Striker class
Firestar You can either assign the Skirmisher or the Striker class to her, but the latter will provide the most benefits
Gwenpool Players should assign her to the Raider class as it is most efficient class in Cosmic Crucible


Every member of the New Warriors team has unique abilities. The table below describes their ultimate ability:

Team member Ability
Cloak Darkforce Conduit: He has a 50 percent chance of stealing 5 percent health from the most injured enemy and all adjacent enemies and to redistribute it to himself
Dagger Lightforce Generation: On spawn, she applies 3 Regeneration for 2 turns to self and New Warrior allies. There is a 50 percent chance that she could gain Evade
Deathpool Death Comes For All: On an enemy death, he heals self for 10 percent of maximum health. He also attacks the most injured enemy for 300 percent damage
Firestar Red Hot: On spawn, she gains Charged. On any enemy turn, if Charged, she attacks the enemy with the highest speed for 250 percent damage. When an enemy attacks her, There is a 50 percent chance that she could apply Counter to self
Gwenpool Editorial Sight: She applies Evade to herself and New Warrior allies

Cosmic Crucible

Cosmic Crucible is a Swiss-Style Tournament where you will be matched against another player for each Trial. Tournaments consist of different rooms with unique room rules and distinct rewards.

Keep in mind that only MSF commanders level 60 and higher can participate in this activity.

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