MSF: Mystical Energy

During MSF’s Recruiting Mockingbird event, players have to spend their Mystical Energy to score points and complete Milestones.

In Marvel Strike Force (MSF), you can fight alongside superheroes and supervillains to vanquish terrifying enemies who are trying to take control of the Marvel Universe.

In addition to completing the game’s main arc, you can enjoy several events. During the Recruiting Mockingbird event, you have to use Mystical Energy.

MSF Events

There are several in-games that you can enjoy in MSF, but players should note that every event requires that you complete unique objectives.

The table below lists some of the events that you can participate in:

Event Active Dates Description
Alchemical Assault Tuesday, 26 September 2023 to Sunday, 1 October 2023. It is the last Alliance Milestone event, and it requires that Alliance members spend their ISO-8 energy to receive rewards.
Spectacular Spellcasting Monday, 25 September to Monday, 2 October 2023 Players can earn points during this event by doing Raid Battles.
Mystical Mutants Quick Rumble Friday, 29 September 2023 to Sunday, 1 October 2023. You have to complete Blitz Battles with your Unlimited X-Men characters.

MSF: Mystical Energy

In addition to the events mentioned in the table, you can participate in the Recruiting Mockingbird event.

This event began on Monday, 25 September 2023 and it will conclude on Monday, 2 October 2023. In this time, you have to complete certain activities to earn points, which will complete milestones.

MSF: Mystical Energy
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There are several ways to earn points during the Recruiting Mockingbird event. One of the methods that you can use to earn points is spending Mystical Energy.

Keep in mind that when you spend 1 Mystical Energy, you will earn 2 points. To acquire Mystical Energies, you have to complete Web Milestones by completing Raid Battles.

When the web milestone is complete, you will receive approximately 24 500 Mystical Energies. If you spend them all, you will earn approximately 49 000 Points for the Recruiting Mockingbird event.

Keep in mind, though, that you can also earn Points by spending Campaign Energy and collecting Mystical Energy from the campaign nodes.

The drop rate for Mystical Energy is 2 per Campaign Energy that you spent. In a day, you can spend approximately 1108 Campaign Energy.

Over a 7 day period, you will spend 7 756 Campaign Energy, which means that you will be able to spend 15 521 Mystical Energy.

When you spend them all, you will earn approximately 31 024 Milestone Points. Daily Free Claims provide players with 400 Mystical Energy and 500 Milestone Points. After 7 days, you will receive 9100 Points.

If you add up these numbers, you will receive 210 000 Points, which is enough to unlock Milestone 15.

This means that you will receive all the Monthly Items, 100 Mockingbird Shards, 300 Silver Promotion Credits, 10 000 Elite 4 Credits and Gear.

How to spend Mystical Energy

It is crucial that you spend all the Mystical Energy that you obtain as you will only receive points for the Recruiting Mockingbird event for using the item and not for collecting it.

To spend your Mystical Energy, you have to open the new, limited-time event store which allows you to purchase items with your Mystical Energy.

Keep in mind that this store, as well as your Mystical Energy, will be removed from MSF when the event concludes. You therefore have to use your Mystical Energy before it is removed from the game.


As you reach certain milestones in the Recruiting Mockingbird event, you will unlock a variety of rewards. These rewards include, but are not limited to:

  • 90 000 Tarot Cards
  • Mockingbird’s Avengers Contract
  • 180 Mockingbird Shards
  • T2 Level 5 Ions
  • T2 Level 4 Ions
  • Silver Promotion Credits
  • Dark Promotion Credits
  • Gold Promotion Credits
  • Elite Credits
  • Skill Gear
  • TI Ion Orbs
  • T2 ISO-8 Orbs
  • Armory 18 Orbs

How to earn points

In addition to spending Mystical Energies, there are several ways to earn points during the Recruiting Mockingbird event in MSF.

Keep in mind that some activities reward you with more points than others. The table below lists the activities which reward points:

Activity Amount of Points Point limit
1 War Battle 4000 96 000
Play 1 War Battle with a New Avenger character 5000 25 000
Play 1 War Battle with Tigra at 5+ Yellow Stars 10 000 10 000
Play 1 War Battle with Tigra at 7 Yellow Stars 12 000 12 000
Spend 1 Mystical Energy 2 None

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