MSF: Moonstone ISO-8

It is advisable that Moonstone in MSF use the Skirmisher class, however, when she reaches maximum level, you should use the Striker class.

Gamers can enjoy adventurous role-playing in Marvel Strike Force (MSF). Since the game is based on the classic Marvel series, you can step into the well-renowned Marvel universe to protect the planet from horrific foes.

To help you, you have to collect superheroes and supervillains. One of the characters you can acquire is Moonstone, but several players have wondered which ISO-8 class they should use for her.

Moonstone’s lore

According to Marvel Lore, Dr. Karla Sofen became Lloyd Block’s psychologist. She then manipulated him into rejecting the source of his powers, an extra-terrestrial gem of considerable power, which she then got and absorbed to gain the powers of Moonstone.

She has been depicted both as a supervillain and an anti-hero. Moonstone was a member of the Masters of Evil, The Dark Avengers, and in Thunderbolts. She has been described as one of Marvel’s most notable and powerful female supervillains.

Since MSF is based on the classic Marvel comic books, it comes as no surprise that the developers introduced Moonstone to the game.

MSF: Moonstone ISO-8

Moonstone is a manipulative hypnotist that uses energy blasts to apply Stun and Trauma to her opponents. On the battlefield, she assumes the role of a controller, thus, the best ISO-8 class for her is Skirmisher.

MSF: Moonstone ISO-8

ISO-8 is a progression system that allows you to customise your characters according to your play style. Even though you can assign any ISO-8 class to Moonstone, she benefits the most from the Skirmisher class.

That being said, if you assign the Striker class to Moonstone, she will receive 2 Ability Energy with every basic attack.

Most importantly, in Cosmic Crucible, Moonstone will get a 150 percent increase in Focus on Offense, which means that you may not need additional Focus from Skirmisher.

However, if you try to attack some much more powerful teams, a 150 percent increase will not be enough. This means that you may need to use the Skirmisher class after all. One thing is certain – fully maximised Moonstone needs Striker.

This means that you can use the Skirmisher class for Moonstone until she is fully maximised. When she reaches her full potential, though, we recommend that you assign the Striker class to her instead, as it provides better benefits for Moonstone.

Moonstone’s team recommendations

Marvel lore reveals that Moonstone was a member of the Masters of Evil, The Dark Avengers, and Thunderbolts.

However, in MSF, you should use Moonstone in the Masters of Evil team. This team comprises Absorbing Man, Kang the Conqueror, Ultron, and Titania.

Bear in mind that each team member requires a unique ISO-8 class. So although Moonstone should use either Skirmisher or Striker, this does not apply to the entire team.

Once you have formulated your Masters of Evil team, you can use it to master the Cosmic Crucible activity.

How to procure Moonstone

In order to celebrate the arrival of a new character, MSF generally hosts an in-game event from which you can procure the character.

This means that you could have collected Moonstone from an in-game event, but since the event has concluded, you can no longer obtain her.

That being said, you can still get Moonstone if you use power cores, or if you are willing to spend rea-life money. It is unknown whether Moonstone will be available for collection for free in the future or not.

Moonstone’s skills

Similarly to other characters in MSF, Moonstone has several abilities that can be used on the battlefield. The table below outlines her abilities and describes each one:

Skill name Description
Spiteful Strike Attacks primary target for 300 percent damage and  applies a Defense Down debuff for 2 turns.
Dark Whispers It reduces the speed bar of the enemy with the highest damage, excluding the primary target, by 20 percent. It also applies Mind Control to the target to attack the primary target.
Phasing Punishment Attacks primary and adjacent targets for 250 percent damage and  applies a Defense Down debuff to enemies.
Meteorite If Moonstone has at least 1 ally, she gains 1 Evade. However, if she has 1 or more Master(s) of Evil allies, she heals for 10 percent of this character’s maximum health. The more Masters of Evil allies Moonstone has, the more she affects her allies.

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