MSF: Masters of Evil

Masters of Evil is a new team in MSF, and only 2 members of the team have been announced thus far.

Players can enjoy adventurous role-playing elements in this exciting mobile game, Marvel Strike Force (MSF).

It is up to you to protect the world from enemies, and you can form teams of different heroes to aid you in your task. One of the upcoming teams that you can create is Masters of Evil.

Character teams

A team in MSF can have up to 5 members. It is not a simple task to determine who these 5 characters will be, as there is a wide array of superheroes and villains from which you can choose. If you make random choices, you may not be successful.

Players therefore have to build a team in a balanced way and give members different tasks. A team in MSF should have a tank, a healer, a blaster, a brawler, and a controller. If you follow this formation, you will likely succeed in battles.

However, some characters perform better when allocated with specific characters, so you should understand your characters’ abilities before creating a team.

MSF: Masters of Evil

On Wednesday, 7 December 2022, MSF announced that they will be introducing a new team to the game. The team, called The Masters of Evil, will tip the scales of judgment before the Living Tribunal.

At the time of writing this, only 2 members of the Masters of Evil team have been released. Titania will be teaming up with an updated Ultron to start the new Masters of Evil team.

Three more Masters of Evil characters will arrive in a future release, so you should keep an eye on the official MSF website.

MSF: Masters of Evil
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A social media maven, bombshell brawler and Master of Evil, Titania is quick with a block, whether it is an ability block, heal block, or online. Ultron is a powerful robotic tyrant that summons drones to eliminate threats to his mechanical regime.

Titania and Ultron feature unique skills, which are listed in the following table:

Character Skills
  • Clout Chaser: Attacks primary target for 320 percent and removes 1 negative effect from self
  • Too Good for You: She attacks the target for 400 percent damage. On crit, the skill clears all negative effects from self.
  • Smashing Selfie: This skill deals 400 percent damage, and applies an ability block, disrupted, and a heal block.
  • Vanity Queen: When she spawns, she applies a Defense Up effect for 2 turns on herself and on all Masters of Evil allies.
  • Disintegration Beam: This skill deals 340 percent damage and clears 2 positive effects.
  • Factory Upgrade: Summons 3 Ultron Minions at 340 percent normal damage and 100 percent of normal health.
  • Purge System: It deals 700 percent piercing damage. This skill deals double damage to enemies with Defense Up effects.
  • Ultron Prime: If health is full at the beginning of a match, he gains Revive Once with 75 percent of this character’s max health.

How to procure Ultron

Players can acquire Ultron by completing Dark Dimension 2. Dark Dimension is a game mode in MSF which requires that players face waves of enemies. This mode only unlocks at player level 65.

Dark Dimension is divided into 3 modes, namely, Enter the Darkness, Fear of the Darkness, and Dread the Darkness. MSF players often refer to these as DD1, DD2, and DD3. In order to get Ultron, you have to complete Fear the Darkness.

For this difficulty mode, you must have 5 characters at gear tier 13, regardless of how many stars they have. There are 16 missions to complete in this mode.

How to acquire Titania

At the moment of writing this, Titania is yet to be introduced to MSF. It is therefore unknown how you can acquire the character, as the developer has not released her yet.

It is advisable that you keep an eye on the MSF website to know when she is added to the game.

Who are the other Masters of Evil team members?

A team comprises 5 members, so players can expect 3 more Masters of Evil team members to be announced. This, however, has not stopped players from creating their own theories about who the other members will be.

One player thinks that Absorbing Man, Zemo, and Wrecker will be the remaining members, while another believes that Zemo, Doom, and Yellowjacket will make up the rest of the Masters of Evil team.

According to the Marvel comic books, the original Masters of Evil were the Black Knight, the Belter, and the Radioactive Man. The team was gathered by former Nazi scientist, Baron Heinrich Zemo.

Although players have their own theories about who the remaining members will be, this will be announced in the future. This means that players have to wait until the official statement is released.

MSF players can use this infographic to find out what the skill rating and recommended ISO-8 class is for the Masters of Evil team.

MSF: Masters of Evil Infographic

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