MSF: Masters of Evil ISO

The Masters of Evil team in MSF consists of 5 characters, each of which should be assigned to a specific ISO-8 class.

Marvel Strike Force (MSF) invites gamers to step into the Marvel Universe to collect characters and vanquish enemies. There are more than 50 characters that you can collect and build teams with. One of the teams you can create is Masters of Evil.

Since it is a fairly new team, many players are curious to know which ISO-8 class they should use for each team member.

Who are the Masters of Evil?

The Masters of Evil team includes the following characters:

Character Description
Absorbing Man He can absorb the properties of any material that he touches
Kang the Conqueror Kang is a time-traveling mastermind from the 30th century who uses his futuristic arsenal to bypass buffs
Moonstone She is a manipulative hypnotist that uses energy blasts to apply debuffs to her enemies
Ultron Ultron is a powerful robotic tyrant that summons drones to eliminate his opponents.
Titania She is quick with a block, whether it is an ability block, a heal block, or an online block
MSF: Masters of Evil ISO

MSF: Masters of Evil ISO

Since there are 5 unique ISO-8 classes, it can be difficult to know which class you should assign to a character. This is because every ISO-8 class provides different effects and benefits to the character.

The  recommended ISO-8 classes for each Masters of Evil member are as follows:

Character ISO-8 class
Absorbing Man If you assign the Fortifier class to him, he will be able to take most hits on his back. Fortifier will keep him alive as long as possible. However, in Cosmic Crucible, it is advisable that you use Striker.
Kang the Conqueror Raider is the ideal ISO-8 class for Kang, as he will always be able to deal critical damage. Moreover, he can always apply a vulnerability debuff to his enemies.
Moonstone Since she is a controller, it is recommended that you use the Skirmisher class. She will receive 2 additional Ability Energy with every basic attack.
Ultron To ensure that Ultron will earn enough killing blows to maintain his ability’s energy flow, players should assign the Striker class to him.

However, if Ultron plays often, he will not need Striker for guaranteed killing blows. In this case, it is best to give him the Healer class.

Titania For Titania, there are 2 options. You can either use Raider because she benefits significantly from critical damage. Moreover, she receives energy more often. Thus, Raider is the best option for Titania.

However, you can also use Striker, as she does not have multi-target attacks. Although she can also deal critical damage, it will not be as high as it would be with Raider.

How to get the Masters of Evil team

MSF players were able to collect the Masters of Evil team by participating in certain events and enjoying certain activities.

Unfortunately, you can no longer collect the team members for free. This means that you have to purchase the character shards with real-life money if you want to collect the characters.

Cosmic Crucible

Although you can use the Masters of Evil team for any activity, it is recommended that you use the team for Cosmic Crucible.

It is a Swiss-Style Tournament that matches you against a different player for each trial. Tournaments are part of a Season, each of which has specific room rules and distinct rewards.

Commanders who are level 60 and higher will be grouped into 8-person brackets based on their Tribunal Rating. Rewards are granted based on your Division, which means that the higher your placement is, the better the rewards are.

Among other items, you will receive Crucible Credits, which you can use in the Crucible Store to purchase a range of items.

MSF: Masters of Evil ISO

Masters of Evil skills

Each member of the Masters of Evil team in MSF has unique skills, some of which are indicated below:

Character Skills
Absorbing Man Brick Bash: Attacks primary target for 360 percent damage. It also copies and clears 2 positive effects.
Kang the Conqueror Foreseen Strikes: Clears all barrier effects on primary and adjacent targets. The skill deals 420 percent piercing damage.
Moonstone Phasing Punishment: Attacks primary and adjacent targets for 250 percent damage. It also applies a defence down debuff on enemies.
Ultron Factory Upgrade: Summons 3 minions at 340 percent of normal damage and 100 percent of normal health.
Titania Smashing Selfie: It attacks the primary target for 400 percent damage. The skill also applies ability block, disrupted, and heal block.

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