MSF: Mad Scientist orb fragments

MSF players can open Mad Science Orb Fragments to accumulate character shards for a new character, Dark Beast.

In Marvel Strike Force (MSF) you can step into the well-renowned Marvel Universe to protect the world from enemies.

To aid you in this feat, you can collect various characters and create teams to defeat horrific foes. In order to procure Dark Beast, you have to collect Mad Science Orb Fragments.

Dark Beast in MSF

Dark Beast, a twisted version of Hank McCoy from an alternate universe collaborated with Apocalypse to perform experiments on his fellow mutations. The experiments inflicted devastating negative Status Effects on them .

Similarly to other MSF characters, Dark Beast has several skills and abilities. His Lethal Substance ability attacks the primary target and adjacent targets to deal 220 percent damage, and it applies a Bleed effect.

The Volatile Reaction skill changes 3 positive effects into negative effects on primary and adjacent targets and only activates in Raids.

Additionally, Dark Beast has Mad Chemist and Dark Doctor abilities, each with unique effects.

MSF: Mad Scientist orb fragments

The Abominable Beast milestone invites gamers to recruit the Death Seed team’s mad doctor, Dark Beast, and earn Festival of Frost progress with a limited-time event: Mad Science Orbs.

Players can collect Mad Science Orb Fragments by battling in Blitz and from the Ghastly Experiments.

Moreover, you can acquire the orbs from Cold-Hearted Milestones. Once you have a Mad Science Orb, you can open it to get Dark Beast character shards, Gold, and Catalyst Parts.

MSF: Mad Science orb fragments
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Blitz is one of the gaming modes in MSF, but unlike the other modes, you will be competing against other players’ teams to earn ranking points in this mode.

You can also complete milestones to earn rewards in the Blitz mode. Once the Blitz is over, you will receive further rewards based on your rank.

For the Ghastly Experiments milestone, players have to spend Power Cores. The best way to spend your Power Cores is refreshing your stamina.

Players can do all four 50-cost stamina refreshes daily. Beyond that, refreshing nodes or in-game stores can also be done, but it is recommended that you do not do it too often.

The Cold-Hearted Web Milestone, on the other hand, is a daily milestone which does not occur in MSF. Instead, it takes place on the official MSF website. For this milestone, you have to spend Campaign and ISO-8 Energy to collect points.

Each of these milestones have unique rewards and therefore, you should attempt to collect points for all of them.

It is worth noting that some milestone points can be easier to acquire than others, but do not lose hope, as you will get Dark Beast fragments as a reward for completing the milestones.

How to collect points

Every milestone’s points can be obtained using a unique method, and it is advisable that you know how to collect these points, otherwise you will be wasting your time.

The table below lists all the ways that you can obtain points for each milestone:

Milestone How to acquire points
The Abominable Beast Milestone
  • Players can earn a point for every Mad Science Orb Fragment that they earn
Ghastly Experiments Milestone
  • You will get 1 point for spending 1 Power Core
Cold-Hearted Web Milestone
  • If you spend 1 campaign energy, you gain 1 point
  • If you spend 1 ISO-8 campaign energy, you will earn 1 point

Abominable Beast milestone rewards

Since it is a milestone, MSF players have to collect points to procure the rewards. The milestones, the rewards that you get if the milestone is reached, and how many points are needed to achieve the milestone are listed below.

Reward When it unlocks Number of points required
Snowballs Milestone 23 You need 48 000 points to unlock this milestone
Coal Eyes Milestone 24 You need 53 000 points to reach this milestone
Dark Beast Shards (30) Milestone 34 You need 160 000 points to reach this milestone

In addition to these rewards, you can acquire Gold Orb Fragments, a variety of tier materials, Teal Mini Uniques, and Catalyst Parts.

Ghastly Experiments Milestone and Cold-Hearted Web Milestone rewards

Once you reach a milestone, you will be rewarded with various items. The following table lists some of the rewards that you can earn for the Cold-Hearted Web Milestone and Ghastly Experiments Milestone:

Ghastly Experiments Milestone rewards Cold-Hearted Web Milestone rewards
  • Mad Science Orb Fragments
  • Psylocke Shards
  • 5-red Star Magneto
  • Dark Promotion Credits
  • Purple Mutant Gear Orb Fragments
  • Teal Gear Raid Orb Fragments
  • Blitz Fragments
  • Elite 6 Credits
  • Legacy III Orb Fragments
  • Purple, Orange and Teal Raid Orb Fragments
  • Mad Science Orb Fragments
  • Purple Mutant Gear Orb Fragments

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