MSF: Lizard

One of the characters you will be able to acquire in MSF is Lizard, who is part of the newly reworked Sinister 6 team.

An assault on Earth has begun, which forced SuperHeroes and Super Villains to work together to defend our planet in this adventurous video game, Marvel Strike Force (MSF).

You can mix and match characters from all corners of the multiverse for an experience unlike other single-player games.


Marvel Strike Force’s developer, Scopely, regularly releases new content, characters, game modes and events through game updates.

Several players believe that some content creators get access to the patch notes before they are officially released.

Several MSF content creators recently shared some updates that players can expect to be implemented in the game in the near future.

According to YouTuber, MobileGamer365, one of the new characters that players will be able to acquire is Lizard.

Although MobileGamer365 has shared Lizard’s abilities, this character’s information is yet to be officially released by MSF.

This means that Lizard’s abilities are subject to change and there is no guarantee that the information which MobileGamer365 released is accurate.

MSF player, BeniWestSide, recently disclosed on Instagram that Lizard has several traits, which means that he can be used in numerous teams. He reportedly has the following traits:

On the Instagram post, BeniWestSide revealed that Lizard is a good Protector with many bonus effects.

That being said, Lizard will not necessarily be the star of a team in MSF, but he is a solid support character that can benefit your team.

Although Lizard has a 126 percent speed statistic, BeniWestSide recommended that players do not use him for Dark Dimension 6.

Lizard’s abilities

Similarly to other characters in MSF, Lizard has unique abilities which can be used to vanquish enemies.

However, players should note that the following abilities are subject to change as MSF has yet to officially release Lizard’s notes:

Ability Description
Predator’s Rage
  • Attacks the primary target for 240 percent piercing damage and flip regeneration.
  • It also applies bleed and heal block on target
  • Chains 2 adjacent targets for 120 percent piercing damage and flip Regeneration
Tail Whip
  • Attacks the primary and adjacent targets for 300 percent damage
  • Flips a random positive effect to Slow
  • Flips another random positive effect to Heal Block
  • Flips all other positive effects to negative effects
Reptilian Assault
  • Attacks all enemies for 300 percent damage
  • Clears Disrupted from allies
  • Copies and clears all positive effects from enemies to self
  • Spreads all positive effects, excluding Stealth, Taunt and Regeneration, from self to all Sinister Six allies.
Cold Blood
  • This passive ability applies 3 Deflect to Lizard and all Sinister 6 allies
  • Lizard gains 5 Deathproof
  • If there are any Spider-Verse enemies, this character’s speed bar is filled by 40 percent

How to acquire Lizard

At the time of writing, we cannot determine how players can procure Lizard. However, when looking back at previously released characters, players had to participate to acquire the newly-released character.

Several MSF players believe that the same principle will apply to obtaining Lizard.

Unfortunately, the details surrounding the event are yet to be announced. But keep in mind that you will need to complete the tasks and objectives of a limited-time event to procure Lizard.

If you do not acquire Lizard during the event, you may have to spend real money to add him to your character collection at a later date. We therefore recommend that you get Lizard for free during the event.

Lizard’s ISO-class

In order to enhance Lizard’s capabilities, players must assign an ISO-8 class to him.

That being said, every class has a unique effect on the character and since Lizard is yet to be released, it can be difficult to decide which ISO-8 class to assign to him.

BeniWestSide recommends that players assign the Raider or the Striker classes to Lizard to enhance his performance on the battlefield.

However, if you intend to use Lizard with Vulture, BeniWestSide advises that you rather assign the Fortifier class for him.

Lizard’s team

As previously explained, Lizard has several traits, which means that he can be used in various teams.

However, when considering his abilities, you may notice that he provides the most benefits for the Sinister 6 team and therefore, we recommend that you use him in that team.

There are several Sinister 6 characters available, which means that MSF players can experiment with their Sinister 6 team.

You can therefore choose between Doctor Octopus, Shocker, Electro, Mysterio and Rhino to form a Sinister 6 team.

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