MSF: Kraven ISO-8

To enhance Kraven the Hunter’s abilities in MSF, we recommend that you assign the Raider ISO-8 class to him

Marvel Strike Force (MSF) is an adventurous video game that invites players to battle alongside allies and arch-rivals.

An assault on Earth has begun and you have to assemble your ultimate squad of Marvel characters to fight to save the universe.

Kraven ISO-8

One of the characters that you can acquire is Kraven, who is a dedicated hunter. However, he only hunts the most dangerous game.

He can tear through his enemies and break their will to fight. Although Kraven is incredibly powerful, you have to assign an ISO-8 class to him to enhance his capabilities.

MSF: Kraven ISO-8
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ISO-8 is a powerful feature as it allows players to customize their characters. By progressing in this system, you will be able to unlock new abilities on Kraven, meaning that you will create new team possibilities.

When looking at Kraven’s abilities, you will notice that all of his attacks will hit multiple targets, instead of only the main opponent.

The fact that he can deal damage to multiple targets with his attacks makes him the perfect candidate for the Raider class.

There is an increased chance that Raiders can land a Critical Attack, however, they also have increased Critical damage.

If they crit, they apply the Vulnerable effect on their enemies, which means that the opponents will take more damage than usual.

If you apply the Raider class to Kraven it will ensure that he applies many Vulnerable effects to a lot of enemies.

Kraven’s abilities

Before you use Kraven on the battlefield, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with his abilities. His abilities can be described  as follows:

Ability Description
Knife Work
  • Attacks primary target for 300% damage
  • Chains to 1 adjacent target for 300% damage
  • Applies Offense down to every target
Can’t Run, Can’t Hide
  • Attacks primary target for 340% damage
  • Flips Immunity and applies Ability Block
  • Chains to 4 adjacent targets for 340% damage
  • Applies Offense Down to each target for 2 turns
Big Game Hunter
  • Attacks all enemies for 250% damage
  • Applies 2 Bleed, Offense Down and Slow
  • Flips all Death Proof on each target
  • Flips Stealth on each target
  • Clears Charged effects
Most Dangerous Game
  • If he has 2 or more Superior Six allies, it applies Safeguards to self and all Sinister Six allies
  • He gains Charged if he does not have Charged, flip Stealth to Disrupt on all enemies

Which activity should you use Kraven for?

Although you can use Kraven for all game modes in MSF, this is not recommended as he specializes in specific modes. The following table lists his star-rating for all activities in MSF:

Activity Star-rating
Cosmic Crucible 5-stars
Dark Dimension 4-stars
Raid 3-stars
Blitz/Real-Time Arena 5-stars
Alliance War Defense 4-stars
Alliance War Offense 4-stars
Arena 3-stars

As seen in the above table, it is advisable that you use Kraven the Hunter for Cosmic Crucible and Blitz/Real-Time Arena. However, this does not mean that you cannot use him for the other activities in MSF.

How to acquire Kraven

Before you can assign an ISO-8 class to Kraven, you need to add him to your roster.

To procure Kraven, you have to participate in the Animal Armature event, which began on Thursday, 23 November 2023 and will conclude on Thursday, 28 November 2023.

During this event, you have to reach a high Arena Rank to earn Orb Fragments which contain Kraven Shards. Keep in mind that the rank that you reach determines the amount of Kraven Shards you earn.

For example, players who maintain their position in the top 5 of the Arena Leaderboard can expect an average of 265 Kraven Shards.

MSF players in Rank 501 to 1500, on the other hand, will only receive 172 Kraven Shards. We therefore recommend that you attempt to reach a high rank on the Arena Leaderboard.

In which team should you use Kraven?

Even though you can use Kraven in any MSF team, this is not recommended as he performs better when he is assigned to specific teams.

We advise you to use him in the Superior 6 team or the Sinister 6 team. The table below lists the members of each team:

Superior 6 Sinister 6
  • Green Goblin (Classic)
  • Lizard
  • Spider-Slayer
  • Doctor Octopus
  • Electro
  • Mysterio
  • Rhino
  • Shocker
  • Vulture
  • Green Goblin
  • Swarm

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