MSF: Korg ISO-8

MSF’s Korg will benefit the most from the Striker class, though players can also assign the Fortifier class to him.

Players can enjoy adventurous role-playing in Marvel Strike Force (MSF). It is up to you to create teams of powerful superheroes and supervillains with which to defeat foes.

One of the characters that you can acquire is Korg, however, some players are curious about which ISO-8 class they should assign to him.

MSF: Korg ISO-8

MSF recently announced that players can add Korg, a rock-steady friend who bolsters his Knowhere allies’ defenses and calls on them for devastating assists, to their team.

Since he is a new character, players do not know which ISO-8 class to assign to him.

Korg will benefit the most from the Striker ISO-8 class, as his ISO-8 attack gets 2 Deflects. The Knowhere team benefits a lot from the Deflect buff, both individually and as a team.

The Striker class passively increases his Armor, and enemies cannot counterattack for as long as Korg has Deflect.

As a Striker, the chances of Korg getting more Deflects will increase, which means that Korg and his entire team will receive more benefits. Alternatively, you can assign the Fortifier class to him.

When Korg dies, there is a chance that his Knowhere allies can revive him with 10 percent health. As Fortifier, when is revived, he will have a Barrier buff on him, which is much better than being revived with only 10 percent of maximum health.

MSF: Korg ISO-8

How to acquire Korg

MSF generally hosts in-game events to celebrate the arrival of new characters. During this event, players must complete certain objectives and tasks to earn character shards.

MSF players have to participate in Korg’s Intergalactic Tour Events to earn 130 character shards for Korg.

If you did not participate in the event, you may need to purchase Korg’s character shards from the in-game store with real money.

Knowhere team

Although Korg can be used in any MSF team, you should only use him in the Knowhere team. This is because the team was designed in such a way that all the team members’ abilities and buffs synchronize.

The table below lists the recommended ISO-8 classes for the Knowhere team:

Team member ISO-8 class
Cosmo Skirmisher
Nova Raider
Star-Lord (Annihilation) Rider or Striker
Thor (Infinity War) Striker

Korg’s abilities

Once you have added Korg to your collection, you can use his abilities, which are:

Ability Description
Let’s Rock Attacks primary target for 360 percent damage and applies Slow for 2 turns.
Sakaaran Blast Attacks primary and adjacent targets for 420 percent damage and applies Slow for 2 turns. If Nova is an ally, it deals an additional 200 percent damage.
Rock Breaks Scissors Clears all positive effects from the primary target and deals 550 percent damage.
Rock and Roll On spawn, he applies Defense Up for 2 turns and 2 Deflects to himself and all Knowhere allies.

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