MSF: Kang the Conqueror ISO-8

The best ISO-8 class for Kang the Conqueror in MSF is Raider, as he can apply vulnerability effects on his targets.

In Marvel Strike Force (MSF) players can explore the well-renowned Marvel Universe while protecting the world from terrifying enemies. To create a team, you have to collect characters, one of which is Kang the Conqueror.

Since Kang is a newly-released character, many players are unsure about which ISO-8 class they should use for him.

Who is Kang the Conqueror?

According to Marvel lore, Nathaniel Richards is a 31st-century scholar and descendant of Reed Richards’ time travelling father, Nathaniel. He became fascinated with history and discovered the time-travel technology that was created by Victor von Doom.

Nathaniel has assumed several supervillain roles while travelling through time, including the Pharaoh Rama-Tut and Scarlet Centurion.

On a quest to return to the 31st century, Nathaniel travels a thousand years into the future and discovers a war-torn Earth that uses advanced weapons. He finds it quite simple to conquer the planet and to expand his dominion.

Nathaniel reinvents himself as Kang the Conqueror as he decides to take over an earlier, more fertile Earth.

MSF: Kang the Conqueror ISO-8

Kang the Conqueror is a supervillain who appears in American comic books. The character is most frequently depicted as an opponent of the Avengers and the Fantastic Four.

Although he is a supervillain, players can collect his shards and use him in the Masters of Evil team.

MSF: Kang the Conqueror ISO-8

Since Kang is a fairly new character in MSF, players are not sure which ISO-8 class they should use on him. ISO-8 is essentially a progression system that allows players to customise their characters.

Outfitting an ISO-8 on your characters will give you additional power and boost the capabilities of the character.

Moreover, the character will gain new abilities, which yields new team possibilities, based on your playstyle. There are currently 5 ISO-8 classes that you can unlock in MSF, each of which offers your character unique buffs.

It can therefore be difficult to choose which ISO-8 class to assign to Kang the Conqueror. It is recommended that you assign the Raider class to Kang. As a Raider, Kang will always be able to use critical damage.

Kang performs devastating piercing attacks, which allows him to attack multiple targets at every turn. With Kang as a Raider, he can apply a vulnerability debuff on all his enemies.

When Kang applies a vulnerability debuff on enemies, and with his critical hits, you will be able to defeat enemies more easily.

How to unlock the Raider class

In order to unlock an ISO-8 class, you have to collect ISO-8 Crystals, which can be slotted into Scientist Supreme’s latest Invention. Once you have assigned a crystal to a slot, you have to equip it into one of the 5 slots in the ISO-8 Matrix.

After equipping all of your crystals into the Matrix, you can unlock the Raider class, among others. The ISO-8 classes allow you to customise your characters based on your playstyle.

To assign the Raider class to Kang, you have to select the center of the ISO-8 Matrix to view your options. When you have reviewed the Raider class, you can select it and have your character empowered with their new abilities.

Can you change ISO-8 classes?

If you have already assigned another ISO-8 class to Kang, it is still possible to change his class at any time.

Players can switch between unlocked classes for free at any time. This allows you to experiment with the classes in order to find the right class for each of your characters.

Keep in mind that the Raider class is only a recommendation for Kang, and you are free to experiment with the other ISO-8 classes to see if they suit your playstyle better.

Kang the Conqueror’s abilities

Similarly to other characters in MSF, Kang the Conqueror possesses several abilities that can be used during a battle. The table below lists some of his abilities and describes  each one:

Skill name Description
Temporal Blow Kang attacks a target for 360 percent damage. If the target is vulnerable, it fills Kang’s speed bar by 20 percent.
Foreseen Strikes It clears the Barrier effect on primary and adjacent targets. Moreover, Kang attacks targets for 420 percent piercing damage and he applies a Slow debuff for 2 turns.
Time’s Up Kang clears all barriers and death-proof buffs on his targets. He also applies a Defense Down debuff to his enemies and  attacks all enemies for 300 percent piercing damage.

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