MSF: Juggernaut (Zombie) ISO

MSF recently announced that gamers can collect character shards for Juggernaut (Zombie), who can be assigned to the Striker class.

Super Heroes and Super Villains are working together to prevent an assault from happening on Earth in this adventurous video game, Marvel Strike Force (MSF).

Players can mix and match characters from all corners of the multiverse to form synergies and destroy opponents on the battlefield.

Juggernaut (Zombie) ISO

Scopely, the game’s developer, regularly released new characters and content through updates. One of the recent update’s patch notes revealed that players can now acquire a new character, Juggernaut (Zombie).

MSF: Juggernaut (Zombie) ISO
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Players have to participate in the Unstoppable Undead event to recruit the new undead ally.

Once you have Juggernaut (Zombie) you can improve his abilities’ tiers, equip him with powerful gear and use him to destroy enemies.

However, to enhance his abilities, we recommend that you assign an ISO-8 class to him. Since Juggernaut (Zombie) was recently released to MSF, players do not know which ISO-8 class to assign to him.

On War Offense, if Juggernaut’s (Zombie) enemy has a bleed debuff, his basic attack will damage the target for 10% of the target’s max health.

With the Striker ISO-8 class, if the follow-up attack has the same effect, the damage will increase to 20% of the target’s max health.

This feature can be very useful even if your Juggernaut (Zombie) is low level. That being said, there is no confirmation yet whether his follow-up has the same effects.

If it has the same effects, you can assign the Striker class to Juggernaut (Zombie); however, if it does not have the same effects, we recommend that you experiment with the classes to see which class will enhance the character’s capabilities.

Juggernaut’s abilities

Players should remember that Juggernaut (Zombie) and Juggernaut’s abilities differ even though they are essentially the same character. Juggernaut’s (Zombie) abilities are listed below:

Skill Description
Undead Momentum
  • On spawn, he gains taunt
  • When attacked, if he has charged, it fills the speed bar by 30% and an additional 5% per undying ally
  • When his health drops below 50%, it clears taunt and heals block from self. He also gains Deathproof
Crushing Death
  • Clears all negative effects on this character
  • Heals self for 5% per negative effect removed
  • Heals self for 10% of his max health
  • Spreads all Bleed from the primary target to all adjacent targets
  • Attacks primary and adjacent targets for 500% damage
Unstoppable object
  • Flips Taunt and Immunity on all enemies
  • Attacks all targets for 450% damage and applies Slow for 2 turns
  • Prolongs all negative effects on each target
  • Gains 3 Deflect and 1 Taunt
Decayed Blow
  • Applies 2 Bleed to primary target and attacks for 350% damage
  • Chains to 1 adjacent target for 330% damage
  • Spreads all Bleed from primary enemy to secondary target

Unstoppable Undead

To acquire Juggernaut (Zombie), players must participate in the Unstoppable Undead event.

Players should note that when the event concludes, Juggernaut (Zombie) will remain 6 feet under for the remainder of 2023 until the next calendar year.

Thus, we  recommend that you participate in this event to add this undead ally to your collection.

This event has 3 difficulties, namely Story, Challenge and Bonus. Every difficulty has specific requirements and rewards you can earn.

Completing Story will   earn you first-time rewards, which include Hela character shards, training orbs and Gold Orbs.

To get Juggernaut (Zombie) shards, you have to complete the Challenge Difficulty, which requires 5 characters.

Every node will reward fragments for the Viral Orb, which contains shards for Juggernaut (Zombie) and Iron Man (Zombie).

Juggernaut (Zombie) team

Once you have Juggernaut (Zombie), you have to use him in the correct team to ensure that he performs as intended. He has the Undying trait, which means that he should be used in a team with Iron Man (Zombie) and Hela.

As you can see, the team is not complete, so you have to add additional characters to complete it. We recommend that you experiment with the characters to see who will benefit the team the most.

What activity does Juggernaut (Zombie) specialize in?

Juggernaut (Zombie) can be used alongside Iron Man (Zombie) and Hela in the Alliance War game mode, specifically on the offense.

To participate in this activity, you need to be at least Commander Level 45 and be part of a Level 20 Alliance.

That being said, you need to be an active member of an MSF Alliance for 24 Hours to participate in the War.

To be successful in this activity, you need to earn the most points before the time depletes. The Alliance that cleared the rooms with the most efficiency will be victorious.

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