MSF: Incursion raids

Alliances can test their combat abilities in MSF’s new Incursion Raids, which rewards you with the new tier-18 gear.

Marvel Strike Force (MSF) is an exhilarating video game that invites gamers to immerse themselves in the fictional Marvel Universe.

By collecting powerful superheroes and supervillains, you can participate in several events and gaming modes in MSF. One of these gaming modes is Incursion Raids.

Raids in MSF

There are many activities in MSF, however, some can only be completed if you are part of an Alliance. Raids in the game challenge Alliances to work together to clear the board and earn prizes to strengthen their individual rosters.

In the past, MSF had several Raids, such as the Thanos Raid, which was retired. Alliances can now test their abilities in the Doom Raids, which requires the use of specific teams in every lane.

It is worth noting that the Raids in MSF have certain requirements, which means that not everyone can participate in the activity.

MSF: Incursion raids

On 24 March 2023, MSF announced that the Incursion Raids will be added to the game. This Raid is available to all Alliances who have already completed Doom Raids successfully.

Although there are no hard requirements to participate in this Raid, the game’s developers have made some suggestions.

Players must be at least level 90 with their characters equipped with tier-15 gear and armor or higher.

Furthermore, your characters must be at ability level 7, and they should have at least 5 Red Stars. With regard to ISO-8, the developers recommend T2 level 3 and higher.

As you progress through the Incursion Raid, it increases with difficulty. This is because it consists of 6 difficulty levels, unlike the Doom raid, which only consists of 5 difficulty levels.

You should remember that every Raid Lane requires a certain trait, such as Bio, Skill, Mutant, Mystic and Tech.

Players have combat modifiers on each trait. The developers allegedly introduced this feature to make some characters and teams unbearable for Incursion Raids.

It is advisable that you consider the combat modifiers before selecting your team for a specific trait and Raid Lane.

The main reason why players have to complete Incursion Raids is to acquire the new tier-18 gear. This powerful new Gear Tier is required to enter Dark Dimension IV.

MSF: Incursion raids

Combat Modifiers

Every lane in the Incursion Raid has specific combat modifiers, which can influence your gameplay. It is crucial that you are familiar with of these combat modifiers:

Raid lane Combat modifiers
Bio Lane
  • On enemy character crit, it clears 2 Charged from all player characters. If your character dodges, enemies will gain deathproof.
  • When your character blocks, it will clear 1 negative effect on your character.
  • If a player character has any negative effect, their dodge chance is reduced by 100 percent.
Tech Lane
  • On ally assist, heal self and all enemy characters for 5 percent of the character’s maximum health.
  • After an enemy’s turn, it will clear all Barriers on your characters.
  • When one of your characters takes a turn, it will clear Defense Up on that character.
Skill Lane
  • Protectors will gain a Disrupted effect when an enemy character crits.
  • When an enemy takes a turn, it will clear 2 charged effects from Blasters.
  • Enemy characters cannot have Defense Down, Minor Defense Down, Offense Down or Minor Offense Down applied to them.
Mutant Lane
  • On spawn, all enemy brawlers and blasters will gain Offense Up.
  • Applies taunt to all enemy protectors.
  • Enemy supporters and controllers will gain regeneration on spawn.
  • When an enemy gains Bleed, it will generate 1 ability energy for self or ally.
  • On Apocalypse’s turn, he will gain Charge effect and his speedbar will increase by 20 percent.
Mystic Lane
  • On an enemy’s turn, it will clear Revive once from your characters.
  • Your characters cannot have stealth applied to them
  • Blind cannot be applied to Enemies.

Recommended teams

Players should consider the combat modifiers before selecting their teams for the Incursion Raids. The following table lists the recommended teams for each lane:

Raid lane Team members
Bio Lane
  • Winter Soldier
  • U.S. Agent
  • Captain America
  • Captain Carter
  • Agent Venom
Tech Lane
  • HulkBuster
  • Viv Vision
  • Iron Man
  • Vision
  • Deathlok
Skill Lane
Mutant Lane
Mystic Lane

Incursion Raids bugs

Some MSF players have encountered bugs while progressing through the Incursion Raids.

It is known that Strange, or rather, his Aphelion Version, and the Other Bosses have inconsistent power values. Furthermore, the Teal Epic Orb is not available in the Raid Supplies yet.

You may also find that Strings are displayed for Boss passive. Though the team is working to resolve these issues and it should not prevent any progress in the raid.

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