MSF: Incursion Campaign Crash

MSF’s Incursion Campaign was recently released, and players are already experiencing several bugs such as crashing on node 1-9.

You can team up with classic marvel characters and fight horrific enemies in this adventurous video game, Marvel Strike Force (MSF).

The game’s developer, Scopely, recently announced that players can enjoy a new story arc called Incursion Campaign, however, several players have revealed that the arc crashes on nodes 1-9.

Incursion Campaign Crash

On the official MSF Discord server, players have shared their excitement and opinions about the new Incursion Campaign.

Although most of the comments are positive, several players mentioned that their game crashed while they were progressing through the Incursion Campaign.

MSF player, CM_Archangel is a Scopely Community Manager and he mentioned on the Discord server that some players are experiencing issues with the Incursion Campaign node 1-9.

If your game is crashing while you are progressing through the Inclusion Campaign, we recommend that you submit a ticket to Scopely to notify them of your issue.

If your game crashes, you can fortunately restart the game, but your progress during the battle of the Incursion Campaign will be lost.

This essentially means that you will have to restart the entire battle to advance in the Incursion Campaign.

Since many players have been experiencing the same Incursion Campaign Crash, Scopely announced on Monday, 2 October 2023 that they are aware of the issue and are working to resolve it.

Unfortunately, it is unknown when the issue will be resolved, but it is likely that it will only be fixed after an in-game update is released.

We recommend that you keep an eye on the official MSF website to stay up to date with the Inclusion Campaign crashing issue.

Known issues

In addition to the Incursion Campaign crash, players have experienced several bugs while progressing in MSF.

The current known issues that you may encounter are listed below:

Issue Description Status
Unintended Incursion Campaign live in-game On Monday, 25 September 2023, some players were able to progress in the new Incursion Campaign prior to its release. To compensate for this issue, MSF received various gifts. Solved
Ghost Rider Robbie added to bumps Ghost Rider Robbie was added to bumps on Monday, 2 October 2023. Unknown
Incursion Campaign crashing on node 1-9 Scopely has received multiple reports that players are experiencing crashes on Incursion node 1-9. Under Investigation

Current Workaround

There is no way to determine whether your game will crash while progressing through the Incursion Campaign node 1-9 or not. To avoid crashing your game, we recommend that you try this node without Apocalypse in your team.

You can also activate the low graphics mode to prevent your game from crashing. If you do not include Apocalypse in your team and your game crashes, you have to lower your graphic settings.

Unfortunately, the reason that the game crashes at node 1-9 is still undetermined, however, Scopely is currently working on resolving this issue.

Incursion Campaign Compensation

As previously mentioned, the Incursion Campaign was inadvertently accessible for approximately 90 minutes on Monday, 25 September 2023.

Unfortunately, a few thousand players made some progress while the campaign was active.

As compensation, Scopely rewarded players with the following packages:

Package Description Rewards
1 This package was sent to players who were eligible to engage in the Incursion Campaign, but did not. These players received 120 Energy for the Incursion Campaign.
2 This package was sent to all players, including those eligible for the first package. This package includes standard resources sent for maintenance including Incursion Campaign Energy, Elite Cosmic Crucible Credits, Cosmic Crucible Credits as well as Quicksilver Character Shards.

Incursion Campaign requirements

To participate in the new Incursion Campaign, there are certain criteria that have to be met. This challenging series is only available for MSF players level 70 and higher.

Furthermore, you have to use your best Bio and Skill characters to complete the Incursion missions.

Luckily, there are numerous characters with the Bio and Skill traits that you can choose from.

However, we recommend that you use the Black Order team, as it was recently reworked to be able to complete the Incursion Campaign missions.

That being said, you should not only use the Black Order team to complete the nodes, as there are multiple other powerful teams that you can use.

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