MSF: Incursion 7-8

MSF recently released new chapters for the Incursion Raid, though chapter 7’s 8th node is quite difficult to complete.

There are various activities you can enjoy in Marvel Strike Force (MSF), however, most of the activities and modes are level locked.

The Incursion Raid is an endgame mode which consists of several chapters, each of which consists of different nodes.

To progress in this activity, you have to successfully clear each node that features powerful enemies which will put your roster to the test. Unfortunately, only players who have reached level 70 can participate in this game mode.

MSF’s developer, Scopely, recently introduced additional chapters that you can complete to earn amazing rewards.

The new Incursion Campaign Chapters went live on Friday, 9 February 2024 and allegedly, these chapter nodes are quite difficult to complete.

Players are especially struggling to complete chapter 7’s 8th node and according to MSF Commander, Frank411, the second wave will kill your entire team instantly.

Your chances that you will complete this node are determined by which heroes and villains you use in your team and as well as how powerful your team is.

Although you can use any characters to defeat the enemies in 7-8, this is not recommended. This is because some characters will perform better in this specific node than others.

We therefore recommend that you use a Death Seed team with Apocalypse instead of Psylocke.

MSF: Incursion 7-8
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Players who use this team combination should save Apocalypse’s ultimate skill for the second wave. If you follow this strategy, your chances of completing 7-8 increase significantly .


The Death Seed team contains very powerful characters, however, it is crucial that you use Apocalypse and not Psylocke. Some of their abilities are:

Character Abilities
  • The End is Here: Clears Barrier on all enemies and attacks his opponents for 500% damage as well as 100% Drain. This skill also flips Defense Up on all enemies.
  • Seismic Sands: Attacks primary target for 350% Piercing damage and applies 1 Ability Block. Attacks all adjacent targets for 350 Piercing damage and 100% Drain.
  • Exo-Punch: Attacks targets for 240% damage and steals 5% Health from each target. The health is redistributed to self and all Death Seed allies.
  • Plasma Meltdown: Attacks all enemies for 300% damages and steals 10% health from every target. This bypasses Heal Block.
  • Magnetic Force: Attacks target for 220% damage as well as 20% Piercing damage. Chains to 2 additional targets for 220% damage and 20% Piercing damage.
  • Polarized Beam: Attacks primary target for 250% damage and 20% Piercing damage. This skill clears all positive effects and applies Disrupted as well as Slow for 2 turns.
Dark Beast
  • Lethal Substance: Attacks opponents for 220% damage and applies 2 Bleed
  • Volatile Reaction: In Raids, it flips 3 positive effects into negative effects on primary and adjacent targets. Applies Ability Block or 2 turns to primary target
  • Attacks primary target and adjacent targets for 300% damage and applies 2 Bleed
  • Shard Storm: Clears 3 negative effects from self and all Death Seed allies. It also applies Offense Up for 2 turns to himself and Death Seed allies.

Recommended ISO-8 classes

Even though you can assign any ISO-8 classes to the Death Seed characters, this is not recommended. Some classes will enhance a character’s capabilities, while other classes will have no effect on your characters.

The recommended ISO-8 classes are as follows:

Character Recommended ISO-8 classes
  • Striker
  • If he does not have enough focus, use the Skirmisher class
  • Raider
  • Raider
Dark Beast
  • Skirmisher
  • Raider

Should Magento be part of the team?

MSF‘s Magneto is allegedly not a very good option for Incursion Raids as he cannot Blind enemies. This is because most of the nodes require that you defeat Rhino, who can clear the Blinds immediately.

If Rhino is in the node, you have to replace him with Apocalypse and use Psylocke to complete the team.

With the Death Seed and Apocalypse team set up, the opponents will often target Apocalypse, which will trigger his counterattack.

This will apply a Speed Up buff to him, which allows him to get to his turn faster. Once Apocalypse uses his Ultimate, it will be fairly easy to complete the node.

Strategy for 7-8

As stated, you should replace Psylocke with Apocalypse to clear 7-8, however, you should only use Apocalypse’s ultimate when the second wave begins.

To help you complete the node, we recommend that you focus on eliminating enemies with the lowest health, which essentially means that all your characters should attack the same enemy until it  is eliminated.

Eliminating enemies with low health will trigger Archangel’s Speed Bar rewind. That being said, you have to ensure that you set up your cooldowns properly so that you can use Apocalypse’s Ultimate at the beginning of the next node.

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