MSF: Hive Mind Counter

Since MSF announced the new Hive Mind team, several players have been questioning what the team’s counter is.

In January 2024 Scopely announced that a new team called Hive Mind will be added to Marvel Strike Force (MSF).

According to the weekly blog, Void Knight and Gwendom are bonded with the updated veterans Venom and Carnage to form the initial team.

The fifth member, Red Goblin, only joined the team during the Version 7.7 release. This squad of Symbiotes specializes in feasting upon Bio Raid Lanes, specifically in the new Incursion Raid II.

However, this does not imply that you cannot use the Hive Mind team for other activities in MSF.

MSF: Hive Mind Counter
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Since the release of the Hive Mind team, several MSF players have wondered what their counter is.

On the official MSF Discord channel, gamers have shared their opinions about the team’s counter, but since only a few players have built the entire team, it is difficult to say what their counter is.

According to MSF player, WDYE?, you can use any team to counter Hive Mind, however, he suggested that you do not use a team that dies easily.

On the Marvel Church Discord channel, an admin named KanaRiel mentioned that players can use Underworld of Weapon X, but you have to start by applying Ability Block to Void Knight.

KanaRiel also mentioned that A-Force or the Undying team can be a good counter for Hive Mind as well. Players can therefore use any of the recommended teams to counter the Hive Mind members.

Team members

To counter Hive Mind, you can use a variety of teams, but players should note that each team has specific characters. The following table lists each team’s members you can use to counter Hive Mind:

Team Members
Weapon X
  • Captain Marvel
  • Jessica Jones
  • Nico Minoru
  • Photon
  • Spider-Woman

Game Modes

As previously mentioned, Hive Mind specializes in completing Bio nodes in the new Incursion II Raids.

The team members are designed to complete the nodes without issues, and they will be invaluable once new Incursion II difficulties are added.

It is therefore recommended that all players procure the Hive Mind characters as they are a vital component in Incursion Raids.

This team can apply many debuffs to opponents and they have excellent sustain. This is because they passively heal whenever any enemy takes damage from Bleed.

Hive Mind is also able to manipulate their own Speed Bar and get additional Ability Energy. That being said, the full team can also be very useful in the War and Crucible modes, especially against enemies that rely on summon.

Team abilities

When you have selected your counter for Hive Mind, you should consider their abilities to formulate a strategy. The following table lists some of their abilities:

Name Abilities
Red Goblin
  • Goblin Assault: Attacks primary and adjacent targets for 350% damage and applies 2 Bleed.
  • Slash n’ Burn: Attacks targets for 400% damage and applies Defense Down for 2 turns as well as 2 Bleed. In raids, he applies Trauma for 2 turns.
Void Knight
  • Scourge of the Spaceways: Steals up to 1 Ability Energy from the primary target. In Raids, steals up to 3 Ability Energy from the primary target. This ability also attacks opponents for 350% piercing damage.
  • Violate: Attacks primary target for 380% damage and applies Ability Block for 1 turn. This ability also applies Heal Block for 2 turns and 3 Bleed for 2 turns.
  • Savage Web: Clears Barrier on primary and adjacent targets. Attacks turrets for 320% damage and flips 2 positive effects into negative effects. This ability also applies Defense Down to targets.
  • Symbiotic Fury: Clears all Barriers from all targets. Barrier self, all Hive-Mind and all Spider-Verse allies for 15% of his max health.
  • Slaughter: Attacks target for 420% damage and 100% additional damage per negative effect. Removes all negative effects from target and attacks all targets for 250% damage

Red Goblin

As mentioned, Red Goblin was the last member to join the Hive Mind team. In order to add this character to your roster, you have to participate in varying events to earn character shards.

For MSF‘s Roses are Red event, you have to earn Heart Candy by completing specific nodes.

For every Heart Candy that you earn, you will earn points. Once you have collected enough points, you will earn rewards. If you progress in this event, you will earn 10 Red Goblin shards.

We recommend that you keep an eye out for additional events that will allow you to collect Red Goblin shards.

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