MSF: Gwenpool

Gwenpool is an upcoming superhero in MSF who forms part of the recently updated, New Warriors team.

Marvel Strike Force (MSF) invites gamers to step into the well-renowned Marvel Universe to protect it from terrifying enemies.

There are several superheroes and supervillains you can acquire in the game. Each character has unique abilities that can help you defeat enemies.

One of the recent MSF updates revealed that players can now acquire Gwenpool.

Who is Gwenpool?

Gwen Pool is a girl who is living the dream of every Marvel fan. After graduating she was unable to find a job, but luckily, she was drawn into the Marvel Universe.

Gwenpool uses her vast knowledge of Marvel Heroes and Villains and their strength and advantages to become a superhero.

It is believed that she is able to shift between our realm and the Marvel Universe. Gwenpool uses Cosmic quotes to trigger abilities and powers described in the comics.

Her powers, are, as a result, limitless and the only boundaries she can have if she misses a new Marvel comic.

After making acquaintance with Deadpool and being presented by her moniker, she became known as Gwenpool.

MSF: Gwenpool

MSF: Gwenpool

On Friday, 21 April 2023, MSF released an update which introduced the latest New Warriors. Gwenpool serves as a Brawler for the New Warriors and also sports the City trait.

She is a very effective Brawler due to her high health and resistance statistics. She can deal huge amounts of damage, but she is also able to take damage from enemy attacks.

Gwenpool is considered the battery for the New Warrior allies who have a charged mechanic. She allows Deathpool to use her instant death mechanic and gives Firestar a free attack every turn.

The table below explains Gwenpool’s abilities in detail:

Ability name Description
Quick Shot
  • It clears all Barrier effects on the primary target. If the primary target had Barrier, she applies Barrier on herself for 30 percent of her maximum health. If the target did not have Barrier, she only applies 15 percent of her maximum health as a Barrier.
  • She attacks the primary target for 380 percent damage.
  • Applies a Defense Up effect for 2 turns to a random New Warrior ally that does not have Defense Up.
A Cut Above
  • She attacks primary target for 300 percent damage and chains 4 adjacent targets
  • Transforms 3 positive effects to negative effects on each target.
  • Gwenpool gains taunt.
  • Applies 3 Deflect to self and all New Warrior allies.
  • On Crucible Offense: Flips Stealth on each target and gains immunity. Her Speed Bar has increased by 70 percent. She gains 1000 percent extra focus. This attack can chain to stealth targets. However, counterattack breaks the Chain. If she has 3 or more New Warrior allies, this attack cannot be counterattacked.
Rocket Jump
  • Attacks all enemies for 550 percent damage.
  • Clears all negative effects on self and all New Warrior allies.
  • On Crucible Offense: Gwenpool applies Safeguard, Defense Up and Speed up to self and New Warrior allies. Characters killed by this attack cannot be revived.

Which ISO-8 class should you use for Gwenpool?

In theory, almost any ISO-8 class can be applied to Gwenpool. However, Skirmisher is not a good option as she does not apply any debuffs to enemies. Since she does not have healing abilities, Healer is out of the question.

Gwenpool attacks multiple enemies with her Special and Ultimate abilities, so Raider might be a good option for her. However, we recommend that you apply either Striker or Fortifier.

By applying the Striker class, she will deal more damage to enemies and grant additional Defense Up and Barrier with every attack against an enemy with Vulnerability. Fortifier on the other hand will ensure that she stays alive for as long as possible.

How to acquire Gwenpool

At the moment of writing, it is unknown how to add Gwenpool to your arsenal. However, players assume that her character shards will be available for collection during an in-game event.

Unfortunately, MSF is yet to announce when the event will occur, but we assume that the event will happen in the near future.

Although you are unable to acquire Gwenpool, players can obtain her New Warrior ally, Firestar, by participating in an in-game event.

For what should you use Gwenpool?

When looking at Gwenpool’s skills, it is clear that she is a great choice for Cosmic Crucible, however you should only use her for offense.

The New Warriors’ combined skills make them the perfect squad to take down the lethal Tangled Web-Eternals combo who, combined with the Room Five rules, have been the cause of many nightmares.

Although this team will be the key to knocking the Tangled Eternals down, they are a strong Cosmic Crucible squad even away from Room Five.

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