MSF: Green Goblin Trials

The Green Goblin Trials event in MSF invites players level 50 and higher to progress through 10 nodes, each of which requires that you vanquish enemies.

In Marvel Strike Force (MSF) you have to form a squad of Marvel heroes and villains to fight foes to save the universe.

You have to utilize RPG fight tactics during 5-versus-5 battles to vanquish the greatest enemies of the Marvel Universe.

Green Goblin Trials

The game’s developer, Scopely, regularly introduces new characters for players to fight enemies with. To celebrate the arrival of the Green Goblin, you can participate in the Green Goblin Trials.

This Trial invites players level 50 and higher to progress through different nodes in which you have to destroy specific enemies.

MSF: Green Goblin Trials
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Before starting the trial, you have to select a difficulty, though some difficulties have certain requirements which must be met in order to enter the node.

If you select difficulty 5 or higher, you have to use the New Avengers or Rebirth teams for nodes 2, 6 and 10.

However, if you are planning to select difficulties 8 and higher, you need both the New Avengers and Rebirth teams. Difficulty 1 does not have any restrictions on all the nodes, which means that  all MSF players can complete it.

Difficulty 2, however, has restrictions for the last 4 nodes, so for Node 7, you have to use City characters, while Node 8 requires Blaster characters. You have to use Tech characters for node 9 and you have to use Hero characters for Node 10.

If you select difficulty 3, you will have restrictions on Nodes 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,8, 9 and 10. These restrictions require that you to use City, Blaster, Tech and Hero characters. Difficulty 4, on the other hand has restrictions on all nodes except node 1.


As you progress through Green Goblin Trials, you have to remember the following Pacts:

Pact name Description
Experimental Serum Enemies gain 20 percent increase in their max health
Snake Eyes Your characters gain increased Critical Hit Chance while Enemy characters gain Critical Hit Damage
World at War All War Abilities are active during this Run
Since Bros On spawn, P.E.G.A.S.U.S characters gain the New Avengers trait and Hydra characters gain the Master of Evil trait
Second Wind When any character drops to 50 percent health, they generate 2 Ability Energy
Warp World If a character drops to 50 percent health, all opponents flip negative status effects to positive, while allies flip their positive effects to negative
Power Dynamics On start, characters remove all positive effects from self and heal 10 percent of their max health for every positive effect removed

Recommended teams

Although you can use any team to progress through Green Goblin Trials, some teams will perform better than others. We recommend that you use these teams:

Node Recommended teams
  • Rebirth (difficulty 8 or higher)
  • New Avengers (difficulty 5 – 7)
  • Black Cat
  • Doctor Octopus
  • Kraven the Hunter
  • Vulture
  • Mysterio
  • Doctor Octopus
  • Vulture
  • Mysterio
  • Shocker
  • Green Goblin (Classic)
  • New Avengers (difficulty 8 or higher)
  • Rebirth (difficulty 5 -7)
  • Doctor Octopus
  • Vulture
  • Mysterio
  • Shocker
  • Green Goblin (Classic)
  • New Avengers

Can you redo a node?

If you are not happy with how you are progressing in one of the Green Goblin Trial nodes, you can quit the node and try again until you reach the desired result.

If you quit a node, you will not lose your progress and you will not have to redo the previous node again.

So it is advisable that you experiment with the different characters, combinations and ability sequences until you reach the outcome that you desire.

How to unlock Green Goblin (Classic)

Players can acquire Green Goblin (Classic) shards through Milestones by reaching specific run scores or through the Leaderboard.

Keep in mind, though, that you will either earn Character Shards or Red Stars for Green Goblin (Classic) based on your Ranking among other MSF players.

The higher your run score is, the better your Leaderboard rewards will be. That being said, 400 000 is the minimum score that players have to achieve to qualify for the Leaderboard.

If you have a rank score of 450 000 points, you will unlock Green Goblin (Classic) with the Rank Rewards.

However, if you get a run score of 550 000 points, you will unlock a 3 Yellow Star Green Goblin (Classic).

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