MSF: Godly Power Orbs

To score in MSF’s Asgard: 2004 event, players have to open Godly Power Orbs, which can only be purchased from the “Offers” tab.

In this adventurous video game, Marvel Strike Force (MSF) you can immerse yourself in the fictional Marvel Universe.

When a new character is released, the game hosts an event during which gamers can complete certain objectives to acquire the new character’s shards.

Photon’s event is currently active and to score during his event, you have to open Godly Power Orbs.

MSF: Godly Power Orbs

On Friday, 4 August 2023, MSF announced that players can participate in the Asgard: 2004 event to collect Photon’s shards. This event kicked off on Wednesday, 9 August 2023 and it will remain active for 7 days.

Players must complete certain objectives to earn points, which determines your rewards. The more points you get, the more rewards you will receive.

To score points during this event, you have to win Blitz battles and open Godly Power Orbs. Unfortunately, you can only acquire Godly Power Orbs by purchasing them in the “Offers” tab.

This means that only players who are willing to spend real money in MSF can open the Godly Power Orbs. After purchasing a Godly Power Orb, you can open it to earn rewards.

The Left Pillar guarantees L4 Training Modules while the Center Pillar guarantees T2 Level Ions. Players also have a chance to receive basic green or blue ions on the right pillar.

MSF: Godly Power Orbs
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Should you purchase a Godly Power Orb?

Although it is tempting to purchase a Godly Power Orb, it is not mandatory, as there are various ways to score during the Asgard: 2004 event.

Though you will receive several items for opening the Orb, these items can be obtained by progressing in MSF.

Several players decided that they are not going to purchase a Godly Power Orb and mentioned that they are participating in the Blitz activity to score points.

However, they have to invest more time and effort to score enough points to get Photon’s shards.


Every objective during the MSF Asgard: 2004 event will reward you with a certain quantity of points, which determines your rewards.

The number of points you can score is as follows:

Activity Number of points
Battle in Blitz 50
Win a Blitz battle with Photon 8000
Win a Blitz battle with Ms. Marvel (Hard Light) 8000
Open 1 Godly Power Ore 2500
Win a Blitz battle with Doctor Strange 4000
Spend Power Cores 4


The rewards that you can earn and the corresponding point quantities are:

Points Rewards
16 000
  • Superior Phosphates
  • Photon Shards
23 000
  • Superior Health Catalyst Part
  • Superior Isomer
27 000
  • Superior Damage Catalyst Part
  • Superior Syringe
  • Photon Shards
36 000
  • Superior Marrow Extract
  • Superior Hyperphage
  • Purple Pase Bits
40 000
  • Augmented Armor Catalyst Parts
  • Superior Molecular Cloth
  • Photon Shards

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