MSF: Gamma infographic

Characters in MSF can be difficult to understand, but fortunately you can use the Gamma team infographic to understand the team’s composition and skills.

In Marvel Strike Force (MSF), gamers can step into the well-renowned Marvel Universe to protect it from horrific enemies. You can collect different superheroes and supervillains to create teams with which to enjoy several gaming modes.

One of the teams is GAMMA, and many players are looking for in an infographic for the team.

Building teams

Any team in MSF can have up to 5 members. It is not an easy task deciding on these 5 characters since there are several to choose from. If you select your team members randomly, you will lose the battle.

However, using a specific strategy to build a team can increase your efficiency on the battlefield. Every team has to have  a tank, a healer, damage dealers, and a crowd controller.

The tank needs to take most of the incoming damage, while healers should ensure that the team stays alive.

The damage dealers’ main objective is to deal damage to enemies while crowd controllers can disable enemies for a certain number of turns.

MSF: Gamma infographic

One of the teams that you can create in MSF is the Gamma team, which consists of the Red Hulk, Hulk, Brawn, She-Hulk, and the Abomination. Bear in mind that you can only create this team once you have collected each member.

MSF: Gamma infographic
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Since characters can be quite complicated to understand, players use infographics to make the characters easier to understand. The Gamma infographic is as follows:

Character ISO-class Tier-priority Basic skill Special skill Ultimate skill Passive skill
Red Hulk Striker Tier-4 The character is better with the skill, but functions adequately without it. This skill is required to ensure the character’s efficiency. This skill is required to ensure effectiveness. It is required to ensure that the team works well.
Hulk Healer Tier-4 Although the character can be efficient without the skill, he is better with the skill active. Hulk needs this skill to ensure that he is efficient on the battlefield. This skill is not required, but Hulk performs better with it. You have to use this skill to guarantee Hulk’s efficiency on the battlefield.
She-Hulk Striker Tier-4 This skill gives She-Hulk a small boost on the battlefield. It is not required; however, she performs better with it equipped. This skill is crucial to ensure that She-Hulk performs well during battle. This skill is of high value, but it is not required to make the team work.
Abomination Raider Tier-4 It is nice to have as it offers a small boost. This skill is required to ensure that the team works well. Players need this skill to increase his performance on the battlefield. It is required to make the team function successfully.
Brawn Striker Tier-4 This skill offers a small boost, thus, it is nice to have. It is needed for the team’s efficiency. This skill is required to make the character or team work. It is valuable, but it is not required to make the character or team work.
MSF: Gamma infographic

Which activity should you use the Gamma team for?

Although the Gamma team can be used in a range of activities, they specialise in the Alliance War (AW).

During an AW, Alliances are automatically matched with another Alliance for a 24-hour war. You have to use War Energy to battle defensive squads and score points.

The Alliance with the most points when the time runs out wins the War. If the score is tied, the match will be a draw and both Alliance will receive the defeat rewards.

Keep in mind that you have to be in an Alliance for a minimum of 5 days to receive a War’s season rewards.

How to procure the Gamma team

Players have to collect every member of the Gamma team before they can create the team. The table below outlines how to acquire each member:

Team member How to acquire
Red Hulk You can get it from the War Scourge
Brawn You could acquire this character during a specific MSF event
Abomination This character can be purchased from the Cosmic Crucible store
Hulk You can obtain the shards by completing achievements
She-Hulk Players can purchase this character from the Blitz store


As mentioned in the infographic, every Gamma member has a specific ISO-8 class. It is imperative to remember that the classes are just a guideline, and you can experiment with the classes to see which class best suits your playstyle.

However, the recommended class for each Gamma team member enhances their abilities, which makes them even more powerful on the battlefield. As such, you should attempt to stick to the recommended ISO-8 classes.

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