MSF: Escape from Kyln Cell 19

MSF’s Escape from Kyln event requires players to clear cells to escape the prison, however, some players are struggling to clear Cell 19.

Marvel Strike Force (MSF) players can now participate in the Escape from Kyln event. Kyln is an inescapable prison for the most dangerous and notorious villains and at times, heroes.

This prison is essentially a variation of the Avengers Tower Mode, which means that you have to fight through Cells to earn rewards.

Unlike the Avengers Tower Mode, the Escape from Kyln event requires that players only use 3-character squads in each cell. This is because it is a prison that has cramped and confined spaces.

There is a total of 40 cells that you have to progress through, however, some players are struggling to clear Cell 19.

MSF: Escape from Kyln Cell 19
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In this Cell Block, players have to use Asgardian characters and although you can use any hero or villain with this trait, it is not recommended. This is because some hero combinations perform better than others.

Cell 19 can be quite difficult to clear as it features Dormammu and Eternals, but fortunately, there are good character options that will counter these enemies.

If your Vahl is strong enough, you can prepare their Ultimate and use it at the beginning of the fight to deal enough damage to your enemies to eliminate some of them.

In addition to Vahl, you can use Beta Ray Bill and Sylvie to clear Cell 19 as their special abilities are able to stun the enemies and neutralize the Eternals.

That being said, you can use another Asgardian team as a sacrifice to ensure that the Eternals use their Ultimates and that Dormammu does not have full health.

Following this method, you will ensure that Dormammu will not apply Revive to everyone on your second attack.

Additional requirements

Before you can reach Cell 19, you will have to progress through a variety of Cells, each of which has specific requirements  to consider.

The following table lists the requirements that you have to meet on each Cell:

Cells Requirements
1-4 No requirements
5-7 Guardian or Infinity Watch
8-10 Avenger
11-13 Global Skill
14-16 City Mystic
17-19 Asgardian
20-22 Spider-Verse Tech or Spider-Verse Skill at Gear Tier 15
23-24 Global Mystic at Gear Tier 15
25 Global Mystic at Gear Tier 16
26-28 Villain Mutant at Gear Tier 16
29 Hero Tech at Gear Tier 16
30-31 Hero Tech at Gear Tier 17
23-34 X-Men at Gear Tier 17
35-37 Legendary at Gear Tier 18
38-40 Villain Bio at Gear Tier 18

What if you do not meet the requirements

On the official MSF Discord channel, several players mentioned that they do not meet all of the above-mentioned requirements.

This essentially means that it is possible that you may be able to progress to a specific Cell, but then you are unable to progress further as you do not meet the requirements.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to clear all the Cells if you do not meet the requirements. Players will only be able to progress to a specific Cell, but luckily, the rewards are Cell-based.

You will therefore earn rewards for every Cell that you clear instead of an abundance of rewards for clearing all 40 Cells.


MSF players should note that the Escape from Kyln event is a good challenge which will put your characters’ abilities to the test. However, you will be rewarded for your efforts if you successfully clear a Cell.

As previously mentioned, every Cell has a Milestone tied to it, so after you clear a Cell you will earn rewards.

Rewards include but are not limited to Mini-Uniques for Gear Tiers 16,17 and 18, but you will also earn Gold, L4 Training Modules as well as Gambit Character Shards, Red Stars and Diamonds.

Escape from Kyln rules

To be successful in this limited-time event, MSF players must consider the rules. It is important to note that there is no Cooldown period for characters after a battle.

Furthermore, health and abilities persist between battles for players as well as for enemies. You will not be able to heal your characters between battles, however, you can heal your characters during the battle.

If you lose a battle, you will remain in your current cell, which means that you will not drop down to the previous cell.

That being said, if you restart your run, you will be dropped down to floor 1. When this happens, your characters will be healed but your score will reset. Every time you clear a cell, you will earn a milestone reward.

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