MSF: Dogs of War Heroic

During MSF Dogs of War event, players can attempt to complete 3 difficulty modes, one of which is the Heroic mode, which requires specific characters.

In Marvel Strike Force (MSF), you can step into the well-renowned Marvel Universe to protect it from powerful threats. Since the game is based on the classic Marvel comics, it will likely have similar heroes, villains, regions, and storylines.

There is a wide range of activities and occasional events that you can enjoy in MSF, but it is advisable that you focus on completing the main quests, as they serve as a guide to the game.

One of the events is Dogs of War, during which you can attempt the Heroic difficulty.

In-game events in MSF

In an in-game event, players can interact with MSF in a new, thrilling way for a limited time. These occasional activities motivate players to reopen a game that they may have been neglecting for some time.

In an event, you usually have to complete certain activities or missions to get rewards. Sometimes, the rewards that you acquire during an event can only be procured from that event. Therefore, you should try to participate in every in-game event, but this is not always possible.

Although some in-game events have themes that correspond to real life events, MSF usually hosts events that correspond to the Marvel comic books.

MSF: Dogs of War Heroic
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MSF: Dogs of War Heroic

During the Dogs of War Event Campaign, players can recruit the spycraft expertise of Nakia. You have to join Nakia as she attempts to track down the person that is hunting members of the War Dogs, Wakanda’s elite spy force.

The event features a new structure that will make collecting Nakia character shards easier, while providing you with the opportunity to have fun with Nakia and her War Dogs in battle.

MSF: Dogs of War Heroic
© MARVEL. MARVEL Strike Force Software © SCOPELY

There are 3 levels of difficulty in the campaign, namely, easy, hard, and heroic, but keep in mind that each difficulty has specific requirements.

The table below lists some of the difficulty levels and provides a description of each:

Difficulty Description
Easy For this difficulty, you have to battle through missions to earn Nakia character shards directly from first-time rewards along with Covert Orb Fragments and Gold. Once you have Nakia, you can attempt to complete Hard missions
Hard It is worth noting that this difficulty requires Nakia. For Hard difficulty missions, you have to battle with Nakia and other characters of your choice to get additional Nakia shards from the first-time rewards, along with Covert Orb Fragments, Gold, Gear, and Catalyst Parts

Once you can easily complete Hard missions, you can attempt the Heroic missions. However, this difficulty requires Nakia and other War Dogs.

If you have recruited Black Panther from The First Panther Event, with the rest of the War Dogs team, you can test their abilities in the Heroic Difficulty.

Battle through Heroic missions with Nakia and the complete War Dogs team to collect Nakia shards and Teal gear. The Heroic difficulty rewards players with the best payout of Covert Orb Fragments per Energy spent.

What is the Covert Orb?

The Covert Orb contains Nakia character shards in the side pillars, as well as characters with the limited-time Covert trait in the center pillar, which includes Nakia at a higher drop rate.

Players can open these orbs to increase Nakia’s rank when you have collected her shards from the first-time rewards.

Who should attempt the Heroic difficulty?

It is essential to keep in mind that not every MSF player will be able to access the War Dogs Heroic Difficulty mode.

This is because you need a full War Dogs team, including Nakia, before you can unlock this mode. Moreover, the enemies in this mode are quite powerful, so if you do not fully understand your team, you may be defeated in battle.

It is therefore recommended that you fully understand each character’s ability before you step into battle.

Spy Games

Running parallel with the first week of the War Dogs event, players can enjoy the Spy Games event, during which you can earn rewards  by participating in the War Dogs Event.

Players can also collect points towards the Spy Game Milestone event to earn rewards. You can get Vibranium Meteorites, 5-Red Star Black Panther, Wakandan Character Shards, and Razor-Sharp Claws.

While the Dead Drop Milestone requires that you open Covert Orbs to earn Spy Games Milestone points, Gold, and Elite 4 Credits. Moreover, you can participate in the Sleeper Agents Web Milestone, which rewards Spy Game Milestone Points.

These can be claimed on the official website. Furthermore, you can enjoy Coordinated Assault, Holiday Rumble, Claws of Fury, and the Battle Scars Milestone.

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