MSF: Death Seed ISO

The Death Seed team was recently added to MSF, and it has made players wonder which ISO-8 class they should use.

Players can enjoy exhilarating role-playing elements in this fantasy game, Marvel Strike Force (MSF). You can collect numerous superheroes and supervillains, each of which has unique abilities.

 Every character can gain additional abilities through ISO, and many players have wondered what the ISO for the Death Seed team should be.

Death Seed team

Death is staring MSF players in the eyes in the new event, which invites them to take a closer look at Archangel. He is Apocalypse’s Death Horseman and is the leader of the new Death Seed team, which will reign Raid lanes.

Marvel Strike Force: Archangel
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The team contains Nemesis, Dark Beast, Magneto, and Psylocke. Each character has unique abilities, which can be used to defeat enemies and clear MSF content. Keep in mind that you have to collect the Death Seed team during the death scourge event to unlock Apocalypse.

It is advisable that you try to collect every member of the Death Seed team, as it is unknown whether they will be available for collection in the future or not.

MSF: Death Seed ISO

Whether you prefer a more casual approach to team building or you like to create structured teams, ISO-8 is a resourceful way to add another dimension to your characters.

The ISO-8 system can be difficult to understand, but simply put, it is a progression system that allows you to customise your characters.

There are different ISO-8s that you can procure in MSF, and many players have wondered what the correct ISO-8 is for the Death Seed team.

It is recommended that you assign the Skirmisher class to Dark Beast, while the other members use either the Striker or Raider class.

The difference between the classes is not a lot, but it can make a big difference on the battlefield. It is noteworthy that the ISO-8 class that you should use is determined by the character’s skills and abilities.

The table below lists a description of each of the recommended ISO-8 classes:

ISO-8 Class Description
Striker Strikers have increased damage and they can follow up their attacks if the enemy has a vulnerable effect. The amount of follow-up damage is determined by the striker’s power and ISO-8 level
Raider They have an increased chance of dealing critical hits and critical damage. If a Raider does crit, they apply the vulnerable effect
Skirmisher Characters with this class apply vulnerable effects on hit. When they have advanced in the game, they can clear positive statuses from targets if they have a vulnerability

Any character who needs to apply important debuffs on the enemy team should take on the Skirmisher class

How to unlock ISO-8

The ISO-8 system only unlocks at commander level 55 and once it is unlocked, players will gain  access to the Isotope-8 campaigns. If you progress in this gaming mode, you will collect crystals, each of which focuses on a specific attribute.

The crystals are also attached to one of five traits. This means that there is a total of 25 crystals that you can get. Each type of crystal fits into 1 of 5 slots in the ISO-8 Matrix. When you have equipped all 5 slots, you can unlock additional classes.

Unlocking ISO-8 classes is a lengthy process, but it is worth the farm as your characters will improve.

How to assign a class to the Death Seed team

Once you have all the Death Seed members and you have unlocked the Striker and Skirmisher classes, you can start assigning the classes to your characters. To do this, you can select the center of the ISO-8 Matrix to view all the available classes.

After choosing your class, you can choose which character you want to assign. Keep in mind that you have to complete the process 5 times in order to assign all of the classes to the Death Seed team.

If you accidentally assigned the wrong class to a character, do not fret, as you can change a character’s class for free at any time.

How to procure the Death Seed team

Every member of the Death Seed team in MSF can be procured in different ways. You can get Magneto from a specific in-game event, which requires 5 X-Men or Brotherhood characters. Furthermore, you can procure Psylocke by advancing in the campaign mode.

However, she can also be collected from the Milestone 2 Orb. You can get Dark Beast from the Blitzing game mode. You can allegedly also obtain Nemesis from an event campaign, whereas Archangel can be acquired in the Death Scourge event.

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