MSF: Crucible Season 6

MSF Commanders can now test their characters’ capabilities in the 6th season of Cosmic Crucible, however, it is shorter than previous seasons.

Scopely recently announced that Marvel Strike Force (MSF) Commanders can enjoy the 6th season of the popular activity, Cosmic Crucible. This activity contains 3 trials, each of which lasts 24 hours.

During this time, you have to attack the 6 defenses of your opponent while also protecting your 6 stages from enemy attacks. It is noteworthy that each stage has specific bonuses and restrictions to characters.

MSF: Crucible Season 6
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Season 6 also introduced unique rules that you have to follow to earn rich rewards. Furthermore, Scopely revealed that season 6 and 7 will be shorter than previous seasons, but you still have enough time to set up your Defense.

To adjust for the shortened season between season 6 and season 7, the developers will not be adjusting player ranks.

If you want to climb up to a higher league, you will have both season 6 and season 7 to show the Living Tribunal what you’ve got.

The first day of season 6’s Trials will officially begin on Monday, 12 February 2024 and season 7 will kick off on Friday, 29 March 2024. Similarly to previous seasons, season 6 of Cosmic Crucible introduced an array of rules to follow.

For instance, Symbiote characters will now be considered as Superior 6 and Sinister 6 characters. Superior 6 characters have the following effects:

  • On successful attack, the Superior 6 characters will apply a Barrier on themselves for 15% of max health
  • When they are successfully attacked, they will remove Revive Once from the attacker.
  • When they spawn, all characters will gain 20% additional health points and 10% extra damage

Stage Rules

In addition to the general rules, every stage in season 6 has unique rules and effects:

Stage Rules
1: Invulnerable
  • Raider and Skirmisher characters gain 200% additional damage when under 50% health
2: Mystic Healthcare
  • Mystic characters gain 20% additional Drain per negative effect
3: When it Rains
  • When a positive effect is applied, it increases the duration of all positive effects on allies of that character
  • When a negative effect is applied, it increases the duration of all negative effects on allies of that character
4: Spiritual Energy
  • Any time a character gains energy from an active ability, they gain 1 extra energy
  • When an enemy dies, ally characters gain 1 ability energy
  • Ultimate abilities cost 3 more ability energy
5: Robotic Double
  • Whenever a tech character uses an ultimate ability, they will revive an ally tech character at 100% health
6: Health Insurance
  • On turn, characters remove all positive effects from self and heal 10% of max health for every positive effect removed

Exhausted effect

According to the announcement, season 6 of Cosmic Crucible will also have the Exhausted effect, which was initially introduced with season 5. The Exhausted effect will function very similarly to how it does in Alliance War.

This means that after every attack, the defending characters will get a 20% decrease to their health, damage, focus, resistance and armor.

However, players should note that this effect can stack, which means that after 2 failed attempts, the defending enemies will have their statistics decreased by 40%.

This essentially minimizes the situations in which you are unable to complete any stage of season 6.

Defense set-ups

Although you can use any team to defend your base during season 6, you have to consider the rules and effects mentioned above before deciding which teams to use.

The recommended teams for every stage are outlined below:

Stage Recommended team
1 Infinity Watch
2 Darkhold and Quicksilver (players can replace Scarlet Witch)
3 Superior Six
4 Secret Defenders and Super Skrull (You can also use Apocalypse to replace Doctor Strange)
5 Gamma and Dormammu to replace Abomination
6 Xtreme X-Men and Rogue to replace Sunspot

Recommended Offensive teams

In addition to a defense set up, you need to prepare an offensive set up to win rewards during Cosmic Crucible’s 6th season in MSF. The table below lists the recommended offensive teams for every stage:

Stage Recommended teams
1 Rebirth or Young Avengers
2 Darkhold and Quicksilver to replace Scarlet Witch
3 Infinity Watch
4 X-Treme X-Men and Rogue to replace Cyclops
5 P.E.G.A.S.U.S
6 Gamma

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