MSF: Crimson Tombstone

During MSF’s Unstoppable Undead event, you can earn Crimson Tombstones, which will progress the Unkillable Force milestone event.

An assault on Earth has begun in Marvel Strike Force (MSF) and you have to assemble a squad of Marvel characters to conquer terrifying enemies.

As you advance in the game, you will expand your character collection and create various teams to participate in different game modes.

Crimson Tombstone

In addition to completing quests and enjoying various game modes, you can participate in unique events.

One of these events is Unkillable Force, which began on Monday, 30 October 2023. Players have until Monday, 6 November 2023 to participate in this event.

To progress in this event, you have to acquire Crimson Tombstones from the Unstoppable Undead Event and battle in War.

Simply put, you have to participate in the Unstoppable Undead event to advance in the Unkillable Force event.

During the Unstoppable Undead Event, you can choose between 3 difficulties, which will give you the opportunity to get Juggernaut (Zombie).

MSF: Crimson Tombstone
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The Challenge Difficulty requires any 5 characters and will be your main source of Juggernaut (Zombie) shards.

Every node will reward you with various fragments and Crimson Tombstones, which will count towards the Unkillable Force Milestone event.

The Bonus Difficulty is where you will receive incredible rewards for your investment in Juggernaut (Zombie). You have to complete missions with Juggernaut at a certain Star level to earn rewards.

The first time rewards include Crimson Tombstones, which will count towards Unkillable Force progress.


If you advance in the Unkillable Force Milestone event, you will reach certain nodes, which will yield numerous rewards. The rewards that you can earn at each node are:

Reward Description
108 000 Cat’s Head Amulets Unlocked upon reaching Milestone 10 at 55 000 points
Cat Suit Players have to unlock Milestone 11 at 63 000 points
15 Juggernaut Shards You have to reach Milestone 11
7 Red Stars for Hela Unlocks Milestone 13 at 83 000 points

Additionally, you can earn 20 000 Elite 6 Credits, 7 500 Elite 7 Credits, 1200 Dark Promotion Credits, 240 T4 Promotion Credits, Augmented Infinite Energy and Gear by completing milestones.

How to procure Crimson Tombstones

According to the event’s description, players can pile up points toward the milestone by earning Crimson Tombstones, which can be found in Viral Orbs.

You can collect Viral Orbs by participating in the Unstoppable Undead Event Hard Difficulty and from the First-Time Rewards from the Unstoppable Undead Event.

Allegedly, the average drop rate for Crimson Tombstone from Viral Orb is 850. However, the ratio of Vital Orb fragments to spent Energy is 4 to 1.

This means for every Energy you spend, you will get 4 Viral Orb Fragments, which you can then transform into an orb to acquire Crimson Tombstones.

MSF: Crimson Tombstone
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How to earn points

To progress in the Unkillable Force event, you have to earn points. Fortunately, there are numerous ways you can earn points to earn rewards:

Activity Points
Earn 1 Crimson Tombstone 1 point
Battle in War 1000 Points (30 000 limit)
Battle in War with Juggernaut (Zombie) 1000 points
Battle in War with Juggernaut (Zombie) at 6+ Yellow Stars 6000 points
Battle in War with Iron Man (Zombie) 800 points
Battle in War with Hela at 7 Yellow Stars 3200 points
Battle in War with Iron Man (Zombie) at 7 Yellow Stars 8000 points
Battle in War with Hela at 5+ Yellow Stars 800 points
Battle in War with Iron Man (Zombie) at 6+ Yellow Stars 3200 points

First-Time Rewards

As previously mentioned, you can acquire Crimson Tombstones by obtaining Viral Orbs, which can be procured by participating in the Unstoppable Undead event.

As you earn Crimson Tombstones in MSF, you will progress the milestone event which will unlock additional rewards.

However, you can also earn Crimson Tombstones through the First-Time Rewards. In addition to the Crimson Tombstones, you will earn:

  • 2600 Dark Promotion Credits
  • 132 Gear Tier 18 Mini-Uniques
  • 50 Teal Gear Uniques
  • 1 million T2 Level 5 Ions
  • 2 million T2 Level 4 Ions
  • 7 million Gold
  • 20 Armory 18 Orbs

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