MSF: Cosmic Crucible Season 4

MSF players can now test their characters’ abilities in season 4 of Cosmic Crucible, which introduces new room rules.

Marvel Strike Force (MSF) invites gamers to indulge themselves in the well-renowned Marvel Universe to protect it from intergalactic enemies.

In addition to the main story line, you can participate in several gaming modes, such as Cosmic Crucible. MSF recently announced that players can now enjoy season 4.

MSF: Cosmic Crucible Season 4

Season 4 of Cosmic Crucible began on Monday, 7 August 2023, and it breathed fresh air into MSF after a repetitive season 3.

The new season consists of only 1 stage, which is passed down from the previous season, but even that stage went through some changes.

There are various defense options that you can use for Cosmic Crucible season 4, however, some characters will perform better than others.

That being said, the characters we recommend may be solid in theory, but not so good in practice. You should therefore use the recommended characters as a guideline when creating your teams for season 4.

The Defense teams for Enfair; Level 95; TCP – 31,4 million; League – Diamond I is:

Stage Teams
  • Knowhere
  • Unlimited
  • Jubilee


While progressing in Cosmic Crucible season 4, you will encounter many counters. The general counters that you can expect are:

Room Issues

On Tuesday, 8 August 2023, MSF released a statement which revealed that 4 rooms were are not functioning as intended:

Room Issue
1 Strikers are always gaining extra damage, despite the fact that it should only apply if their health is below 50 percent
4 Assists are not being applied
5 All mutants are getting the room tags when only Hero Mutants should be
6 Special Abilities are costing 2 more energy, but they should cost 2 less.

Season 4 rules

As you advance in season 4, there are certain rules that you have to follow:

Stage Rules
  • Raider: Applies defense down effect on crit
  • Striker: When below 50 percent health points, gains 200 percent damage
  • Room is considered a raid
  • Cosmic Hero: On turn, it gains deflect and when attacked, it applies defense down on the attacker
  • On turn, if characters have taunt, they gain offense up
  • On turn, all allies with offense up gain assist
  • Hero Mutant counts as A X-men, U X-men and UL X-Men
  • Spider Verse characters count as tangled web and web warriors
  • Special and ultimate costs 2 less to use

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