MSF: Cosmic Crucible Defense

In MSF’s Cosmic Crucible game mode, you have to create a team to defend 6 stages from another player’s offensive characters.

In Marvel Strike Force (MSF) you can mix and match characters from the Marvel multiverse to form a powerful squad tasked with defeat enemies.

It is up to you to prevent an assault on Earth from taking place by progressing in turn-based battles.

Cosmic Crucible Defense

In addition to following the main arc, MSF has several game modes, one of which is Cosmic Crucible. To be successful in this mode, you need to have an offensive and defensive team.

Selecting a defensive setup is never an easy task, as there are several features that you have to consider.

A Defense team is meant to slow your enemy down and to decrease their efficiency score. Players should note that they will not succeed by only selecting a great Defense team.

You have to ensure that you have strong Offensive teams to vanquish the opponent’s defensive team.

There are different defense teams that you can use to be successful in the Cosmic Crucible Mode. The table below lists the defensive teams for level 95, TCP: 37.1 million, Platinum league:

Stage Recommended teams
1 P.E.G.A.S.U.S
2 Invaders
3 Darkhold + Quicksilver
4 Unlimited X-Men
5 Death Seed
6 Rebirth _ Dormammu

Alternative teams

If you are yet to collect the above-mentioned teams, do not fret, as there are additional defense setups that you can use in Cosmic Crucible.

The following table lists the defensive setup for Cosmic Crucible:

Stage Level 95, TCP – 23 million Gold II League:
Recommended defense
Level 95, TCP – 26.1 million, Platinum League:
Recommended defense
1 Gamma Gamma
2 Invaders P.E.G.A.S.U.S
3 Infinity Watch Knowhere
4 Unlimited X-Men New Avengers
5 Uncanny X-Men Death Seed
6 Rebirth + Taskmaster Rebirth

Season 5

As previously mentioned, MSF players can now enjoy season 5 of Cosmic Crucible, which introduced a new set of Stage Rules and an Exhausted effect.

This effect was passed down from the Alliance War Mode, therefore, it functions similarly to the War Mode.

This effect decreases the defending characters’ primary statistics after every attack. Keep in mind that the Exhausted effect can stack and after 2 failed attempts, the defending opponents will have their stats decreased by 40 percent.

Defense effects

Every stage of the Cosmic Crucible mode in MSF has unique effects on your defensive teams. The following table lists the effects that you will experience:

Stage Defense effects
  • Striker characters gain Assist Now on ally turn
  • On basic, gain speed up
  • With speed up at the end of turn, it Barriers self for 20 percent of the character’s max health.
  • Ultimate Abilities cost 2 less ability energy to use
  • When you use an Ultimate Ability, it spreads all negative effects from self to adjacent allies.
  • On successful dodge, your character will gain Stealth.
  • Characters with stealth will benefit from 20 percent additional damage.
  • Mutant characters will clear all negative effects from themselves on their turns.
  • They will also heal themselves for 10 percent of max health for every negative effect cleared.
  • On successful attack, Villain characters will apply defense down to every target attacked.

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