MSF: Conqueror’s Time Trove

You can purchase the Conqueror’s Time Troves in MSF with real money, however, the vast majority of the game’s players believe that the items are not worth it.

In this exciting video game, Marvel Strike Force (MSF), you can immerse yourself in the fictional Marvel Universe. Gamers have to collect shards of well-renowned heroes and villains in order to add them to your team.

In addition to all the gaming modes, you will get the opportunity to participate in several in-game events and to purchase limited-time store items. One of the items you can purchase is the Conqueror’s Time Trove.

In-game store

Once you have unlocked the in-game store in MSF, you will be able to purchase several items that can help you progress faster in the game.

Some categories of the store have specific requirements, for instance, you have to reach level 14 before you can unlock the first category.

Some items in the store can be purchased with in-game currencies, such as Power Cores and Orbs. You can farm these items in MSF by completing certain activities. However, some items can only be purchased with real-life money.

It is worth noting that it is not mandatory for you to purchase items with real-life money, but these items may enhance your gameplay.

MSF: Conqueror’s Time Trove

MSF recently announced the Conqueror’s Time Trove that players can purchase in order to get a range of items. Unfortunately, you can only purchase these items with real-life money, which has caused a lot of controversy among MSF players.

MSF: Conqueror’s Time Trove
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The Conqueror’s Time Trove’s official description reads: “Delve into the coffers of Kang! Each treasure you collect reveals another for the next day!”.

This means that players have to purchase a trove to unlock the next coffer. There are 12 troves that you can purchase, and you have to purchase a trove to gain access to the following trove.

You thus cannot purchase trove number 5 if you did not purchase the previous troves. The troves and the items that you get are:

Trove Items Price
  • 5 Kang Shards
  • 600 000 Orbs
  • 1 Elite 4 Orb
  • 1 Training Orb
  • 4 Training Orbs
  • 3 Regular ISO 1 Orbs
  • 3 Premium ISO 1 Orbs
  • 2.2 million Orbs
  • 4 Gold Orbs
  • 2 Elite 4 Orbs
  • 1000 Campaign Energy
  • 25 Silver Promos
  • 600 RS Orb Fragments
  • Tier-4 items
  • 3 RS Orbs
  • Dark Promo Credits

Since the event is still active, it is undetermined what the other rewards will be for the remaining days. Moreover, the prices for these rewards are also unknown.

Unfortunately, only players who have purchased all the previous troves will be able to see what the following days’ reward items are.

Are Conqueror’s Time Troves worth it?

Numerous MSF players believe that the Conqueror’s Time Troves are not worth it. This is because most of the items in the troves can be procured in the game without spending real money.

Bear in mind that farming the items in the troves without paying for them may take a while.

Since collecting them takes some time, many players purchase the troves rather, to save them the farming time. To answer the question, it comes down to whether you are willing to spend real money to obtain these items or not.


One of the first items you will receive if you purchase a Trove is 5 Kang Shards. Keep in mind that you need 100 Shards to add Kang the Conqueror to your collection. Fortunately, you can still farm Kang’s character shards without purchasing the trove.

© MARVEL. MARVEL Strike Force Software © SCOPELY

To celebrate the arrival of Kang, MSF is hosting an in-game event called the Kang Hunt.  Players need Kang to participate in this event, so make sure that you take advantage of his Orb or Offers to recruit this keystone Masters of Evil character.

The event kicked off on Friday, 17 February 2023 and if you participate in this event, you will be rewarded with teal gear, Tier-2 ISO-8 credits, and more to power up your roster during this special mission.

Is it mandatory to purchase the Conqueror’s Time Troves?

As mentioned before, not all items in the game are mandatory to purchase. This means that you can enjoy MSF without purchasing the Conqueror’s Time Troves, but the items you receive from the troves can help you advance in MSF and it can help you increase your character collection.

Players therefore have to decide whether they are willing to spend real money to purchase the troves or not. However, the majority of MSF players are not  spending real money to purchase the troves, as they believe the items are not worth it.

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